Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Post for The Day

So... Friday will be your day to:

1) Go out and follow your kids around the neighborhood as they collect sacks of candy
2) be one of those paranoid parents who believes their neighbors stick razor blades into a roll of Smarties, and will refuse to let their kids go from house to house*
3) Believe what you read in your Chick Tracts and stay home, cowering in fear (I'm impressed at the "Haunted House" set up Chick envisions
4) Go out, claim you're a kid and collect candy. It's embarassing that The Admiral does this, but he looks smart in his pirate costume, so nobody wants to stop him
5) Stay in and hand out candy and feel sorry for the kids who don't have any sort of costume
6) Join us as we hand out candy, talk to neighbors, play spooky sounds and then watch scary movies
7) Go to a Halloween party of some sort
8) be a total lame-o and not participate in any way. Yes, that makes you a lame-o, lame-o.

Here's a quick look at being "child-free" on Halloween.

Once the kids thin out and we turn off the lights, I have An American Werewolf in London on my DVR, a 7 hour live Ghost Hunters show to watch, and I may throw on the original Phantom on the Opera or Dracula for some good old fashioned Halloween movietime fun.

Just another night at JAL's house...

*there are almost no actual cases of any children being poisoned, etc... from Halloween candy. Just FYI. To some degree, parents are reacting to urban legends they heard as kids. Snopes covers this so I don't have to.


JAL said...

That's pretty accurate.

J.S. said...

You know what I've come to love over the years? The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror special. It's always on the Sunday following Halloween, and it sort of helps to stretch out the festive, Halloween spirit for a couple of extra days. I think they're on their 19th edition this year. This year there's going to be a Dia De Los Muertos parade on November 1st, as well (I think on 6th Street, but not sure- it starts at Plaza Saltillo on the East Side) and a Day of the Dead fireworks display over behind Krieg Baseball Fields on October 31st.

The League said...

We'll probably be handing out candy and will miss the fireworks, but people downtown might be able to see them.

I've been DVRing Treehouse of Horror episodes this week, and even in "off" seasons, they're still a huge amount of fun to watch. I'm not inclined to buy Simpons DVD's, but I'd pick those up, or watch them on Hulu or something, I think.

Anonymous said...

Emily and I aren't planning on participating. Next year, Esmé will probably go trick-or-treating for the first time ever.

The League said...

Esme is still kinda tiny for dressing up for more than pictures or whatever. I's say I hope you have candy for trick or treaters, but I had the impression you live at the end of a street which might mean a dirth of kids at the door.

Well, maybe you and Emily can think of ways to terrify each other all night.