Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What to give to the Superman Geek on your list

Some charities are, perhaps, more worthy than others. I know this.

But... (deep breath)

The town of Metropolis, Illinois (home to the annual Superman Festival) is erecting a statue of Honorary First Lady of Metropolis, Noel Neill. Noel Neill, I should not have to tell you, has a lengthy history with the Superman franchise.

She played Lois Lane in both the Kirk Alyn serials AND the George Reeves starring "Adventures of Superman". In "Superman the Movie", she plays Lois's mother in a quick cameo during the Smallville sequence. She also appears in "Superman Returns" as Gertrude Vanderworth (in that opening deathbed sequence).

She's a roving ambassador for Superman and "The Adventures of Superman", partakes annually in the Superman Festival, and appears all over the country signing autographs for Superman nuts. She's in her 80's and still going strong, by all accounts.

It appears that one can pony up $75 for a brick with their name on it that will be at the base of the statue. The cost of the commemorative brick will fund the statue project.

See more here.

Leaguers will know I have a special fondness for "The Adventures of Superman" and Ms. Neill. So, while maybe this isn't feeding starving villages, I'm glad to see Ms. Neill and Lois get their due as part of America's entertainment and storytelling legacy.

Also, the statue looks as iconical (is that a word?) as I think you're going to get for both Lois Lane and Noel Neill.

tip of the hat to Superman Homepage for the story


Steven said...

I believe the word sought is "iconic".

The League said...


When composing a post, I'll leave something like that next to grammar I know to be faulty so I'll go back and look at it before hitting "publish". It keeps me from jumping off track as I crank out a post. Although sometimes I leave it in because I thought it worked as part of the post.

In this case, I forgot to go back and look at it. This was one of the times I thought it just made me look kind of dumb.

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