Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Pt. 2

The Superman Homepage has a Halloweenish banner today!

Click the image for the full-size banner

Or check it out on the site!


I'm not sure you got enough Elvira in your Halloween. Here is Elvira's "Monsta Rap" cut to scenes from the film "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark".

Here's a link to Elvira's updated website.

Special Halloween Treat

I don't talk about it a lot, but one of my favorite movies is "Little Shop of Horrors". Sure, its partially because of Ellen Greene as Audrey (a DITMTLOD), but its also just a really fun movie.

Ellen Greene in "Little Shop of Horrors" made my 12 year-old heart pitter-patter

I've seen the play twice, and it has a markedly different ending than the one folks saw in theaters. In fact, it sort of changes the whole movie in a way.

A while back the original ending was supposed to make it to DVD, but there was some weirdness and the DVD was recalled. I've also heard a fire or something ate the footage. I don't really understand what happened and won't pretend to know.

But... it looks like the workprint of the original ending has found its way to YouTube.

If you have fifteen or twenty minutes to kill, here you go:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Honestly, as expensive as this footage looks (especially for the era in which it came out) I can't believe they scrapped it.

Here's Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors"

and click over here for the Skid Row sequence.

Lucy in Disguise

When I was in my first semester at UT, I had big plans to hit 6th street for Halloween with JAL and Michael. Those two had some incredibly elaborate costumes planned, but we were all still thinking a bit about what we would dress (or at least how they would pull off their costumes) in early October. We all got into, I think, JAL's car and headed down to South Congress. This was before South Congress was SoCo, and was more a mishmash of Continental Club, a few thrift shops, some knick-knack shops, and wasn't... well, it wasn't SoCo.

Anyway, I don't know how they knew it was there, but Justin and Michael took me to Lucy in Disguise, the most unecessarily elaborate costume shop I would ever enter.

Lucy's is still going strong these many years later. They have the same insane collection of masks, hats, and, literally, thousands and thousands of costumes. It's fun just to go in and look around. Obviously its a bit late today for running down there and getting a costume, but maybe a hot tip for next year...?

The Statesman ran an article this morning on the shop. Check it out.

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Michael Corley said...

Ah, I remember it well.

I should add, I did not even know the song it referenced at the time.