Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 More Year End Review

2008 is rapidly drawing to a close. We've already visited 2008 in excrutiating detail previously.

Don't forget: New Year's Eve Party at League HQ. You're invited.

Here's a link to Good Stuff in the comics world in 2008 over at Comic Fodder.

Jason did a "good stuff '08" list of his own that you should check out.

In the end, 2008 was a pretty decent year. If you'd asked me how it was going in September, I probably would have told you to stick it in your ear. Unemployment, an off kilter career and all of the related issues associated really had me down. But I think that's changed a great deal.

1) Employment!

I can't complain about the wonders of a job with benefits, a parking garage, and which puts me into a position where I feel like I'm helping out the world in some, small way. I am actually really enjoying work, so hopefully that will continue well into 2009 and beyond.

2) Re-arranging my comic buying

I've generally been a much happier comic buyer and consumer since I've made my weekly destination for comic purchasing Austin Books rather than the convenient but annoying shop I had been visiting. The crew at Austin Books is far more friendly and knowledgeable, and they understand my need for things like drinking glasses featuring the Justice League. The selection is terrific and they're much better at the whole "special events" thing than I am at participating (although I made it to the Christmas party/ sale).

I am trying to talk Jason into tailgating Free Comic Book Day with me.

3) Relatively Healthy

Jamie has been relatively healthy. We've had trips to the ER and hospital, but its all mostly been on the up and up. Our last trip to the ER was pretty much 90% unnecessary (I won't get into details), which in our world is a very good thing. May family, friends and good doctors continue to buoy Jamie's health and spirits.

4) Lucy behaves

She's not exactly ready to be the poster dog for perfect obedience, but Lucy grew up a lot this year. We no longer worry about her spazzing out any more. It's true, I guess, that labs really are puppies until they're three (or four).

Lucy turned four on Christmas Eve, by the way.

5) Mel in pretty good health

My buddy Mel is officially entering "old dog" status, and that's okay. He's always been one who seemed ready to be wearing slippers and a cardigan from day one. Despite our cancer concerns from earlier in the year, Mel has rebounded beautifully.

We are taking him in for dental work on Monday, but his bloodwork during his recent exam went very, very well.

Love you, pal.

6) Costa Rica Trip

Longtime readers of this blog will note that The League does not hit the road all that often except to see family, etc... So it was particularly fantastic that Jason and I were able to jump a jet and spend a few days kicking around Costa Rica. I can't say enough about how much fun I had (despite that panic attack in the hotel that night. Sorry about that, dude). But it was great to see a geological marvel, see some unfamiliar sights, swim in the ocean and see a coatamundi. All in all, an amazing week.

7) Catching Up With Folks Via Facebook

It's been a weird year as far as social networking technology goes. I've gotten back in touch with a few friends this year that it was probably unlikely I'd have run into again, one way or another, had Facebook not become the gold standard for social management.

I've gotten to see some of these folks, and hope to see the rest at some point. But it's great to catch up with anyone you've lost touch. Some are raising kids, some fighting fires, others are scientists. The trick now is not to lose touch.

8) Keeping up with Leaguers and other Pals

I can't say enough about how much 4 years kicking around Arizona led me to appreciate friends and family. The Steans clan has always been fairly casual about mixing the two, and the tradition continues on. And, honestly, that's the way I assume it always will be. We still enjoy having friends over (see the New Year's invitation), and I think sometimes I forget that all these folks don't know each other. And we still like dinners and nights out with our pals. And, occasionally, some of you will live with us for an extended period of time, and that's good, too.

Of course some Leaguers aren't in town, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know what you're up to or what's going on with you.

9) Writing

I'm still of the opinion that maintaining LoM is worthwhile, and I guess if you're checking in regularly, you feel the same way. It helps me feel like I am writing on a routine basis, even if its not going anywhere. And, of course, I'm still writing over at Comic Fodder, so I'm not just able to talk about comics, but occasionally I become part of the wider conversation going on about comics and comic culture.

I have three New Year's Resolutions, and one is to write even more (but probably not more here). So, yeah, there's that.

10) The Future is Now!

These lists aways seem like a much better idea when you start off, and then you run out of ideas somewhere around Item #7, and find yourself trying to get Jamie to give you some help, but she's tying her shoes and says "Did you talk about the election?" and while it IS really a big issue for you, you try to make a point of not talking politics too much on the blog, so...

I don't want it to pass without mention, but this isn't maybe that kind of list. And I really don't want to end the list on some divisive note, so... Let's stick with something awesome. Rockets and jet packs.

And I'm ready for mine...


Michael Corley said...

Said it before, say it again, I'm waiting for my personal, household robot and I'll peg us officially "in the future".

Hey, Roomba is a start.

NTT said...

Awww the Rocketeer. RIP Dave Stevens; such a great wonderful talent taken so soon this year.