Friday, December 26, 2008

Other Side of Christmas - 2008

Hey Leaguers!

I hope you had a holly, jolly Christmas (it's the best time of the year).

This year Jamie and I had Christmas with her folks, Doug and Kristen, with most of the Christmassy activity centered at Jamie's folks' house down in San Marcos. Luckily, it was very nice outside, so we were able to take Melbotis and Lucy down with us (Jeff stayed behind to watch the house).

The McBrides have their big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day in order to maximize Christmas Day lounging. It was about as traditional meal as you'll find with turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc... Which Judy did almost entirely by herself. And, I might say, outdid herself this year. This was followed by Judy's Christmas morning quiche, the traditional cinnamon roll wreath, and more.

We did the annual present exchange (I did well, thank you), and I think everyone did okay this year in the loot department.

There's been no small amount of discussion of the "Twilight" series of books (and movies) which are about not-really-Vampires. Jamie and Judy have read all of them, and Kristen is making her way through. And yet not Doug, Dick nor myself have yet to feel any inkling of curiosity about the series.

I did talk to The Admiral, KareBear and Steanso on Christmas Day. It sounded like their Holiday was going swimmingly.

We've got some tired dogs on our hands today as Lucy and Mel spent two days out in the McBride's big backyard and with a fairly steady stream of folks stepping out to throw the ball for them. Mel was in a bit of a blue funk in the week or so headed into Christmas as it was cold and his old bones do not love the cold the way they once did, and it was tough to get him outside for any length of time on his own. He was much peppier with the sun (probably the best present he could have received).

I, myself, am way off schedule on sleep, caffeine intake, etc... So I am unsure if I've been appropriately peppy during all the festivities.

Anyhow, we're now on the other side of Christmas, and that's always a pretty good time. Hopefully we'll use the freetime a bit more wisely than usual before I return to work than I have in previous vacations. I am going to try to do some organizing of CD's and books, sort some comics, and get to the garage after New Year as part of the Christmas decoration breakdown.

I hope everyone's Christmas went well.

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