Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leaguer Questionnaire

I have nothing, once again, so it's Leaguer Interactivity Time.

Answer via e-mail or in the comments. Anonymous comments will be deleted.

1) Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett?

2) What song are you listening to on repeat these days?

3) Matt Damon or Daniel Craig?

4) Ninja or Samurai?

5) Are we being visited by intelligent extra-terrestrials? Why or why not?

6) Would you go see a new Conan movie? And would you be more or less likely to see it if they cast the Governor of California upon his exit from office?

7) Cardinals or Steelers?

8) If Jamie were to become a rapper, what would her name be? If she were a Dungeons & Dragons character (let's say an 11th level Fighter with a -1 Armor Class)?

9) What's at your house from Netflix right now? (if no Netflix, what will you most likely rent/ watch on InDemand next?)

10) Which animal do you get a little giddy at seeing at the zoo?


mrshl said...

1) Kate Winslet. What other actress can please both frat boys and feminists? Gets naked in damn near every movie, but resembles an actual woman. The fact that she's a gifted actress and an ace at choosing her roles...it really should make other actresses sick to their shrunken stomachs.

2) Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" such great, mindless dance pop. Also Conor Oberst's "Cape Canaveral".

3) Matt Damon gets the edge because the Bourne movies beat any Bond movie I've ever seen.

4) Ninja.

5) Nope. Assuming arguendo they exist, I simply can't believe that all 6 billion people on earth are incapable of producing credible evidence of their visits.

6) Yes. I loved the original Conan movies. That being said, please find a new Conan. His name cannot be Jeff Speakman.

7) Steelers.

8) Frankly, I don't know Jamie or D&D well enough to answer this question. Pass.

9) Pineapple Express.

10) Hippos.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Kate Winslet because like Leonardo she totally moved away from Titanic which she had no reason to expect to be able to and emerge as a great actress.

Song on Repeat - Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care - the anthem for rock star wannabees and rock stars - captures the mindset perfectly. I want to throw a tv out of a hotel window everytime I hear it.

Daniel Craig because he has grown into his looks and Matt has several years and at least one motorcycle accident to do that.

Samurai because they are noble and honorable while ninjas are sneaky and disreputable. Hidding in shadows make your sins easy to brush off.

If aliens are visiting us they are turning around and leaving soon after. We don't even like each other and we would mess up anything that is not of this planet if they ever made themselves known to us. And if they tasted like chicken? We would Kentucky Fry their asses so QUICK!

I would see the new Conan if it was played by some unknown muscle bound maniac who perfectly captured the look like Arnold did

neither Cardinals or Steelers because professional sports are a drain on the psychie of a nation

Honey Glaze would be her rapper name and her dungeon and dragon name and conveniently her bond girl and porn star name

The Escapists and Waltz with Bashir are the last two films I watched

The polar bears always make me squeel like a little girl

Anonymous said...

1) Kate Winslet

2) All the Ladies by Flight of the Conchords

3) Daniel Craig

4) Both respect the riddle of the blade.

5) No. Because we're not interesting enough yet.

6) Only if Milius directs and Oliver Stone writes. After all, "in time, he would come to weat the crown of Aqualonia upon a furrowed brow..."

7) Steelers

8) don't they have a Wu-name engine for that

9) Sopranos Episode 2

10) The Siamang, if its calling out. Otherwise, I'm always happy for hippos.

J.S. said...

1) Kate Blanchett. She just seems a lot more interesting and cool than Kate Winslet. I definitely prefer her choices in roles (I'm Not There was a strange movie, but Blanchett was brilliant) I'd definitely rather party with Blanchett over Winslet.
2) Golden Age by TV on the Radio
3) I'm kinda surprising myself by picking Daniel Craig. Matt Damon is okay, but Daniel Craig has an air of menace and dangerousness to him that Damon just doesn't really pull off very well.
4) Ninja, for sure. Ninjas are the thinking man's warriors. Samurais are the kind of guys who march themselves headlong into certain death just because they think it's honorable, and disembowel themselves if they make a mistake. The sole concern of a ninja is to vanquish one's enemy.
5) If you were an intelligent alien who could go anywhere in the universe, why, for heaven's sake, would you come here? If aliens are smart enough to have mastered intergalactic travel, we have nothing to offer them.
6) I would definitely see a new Conan movie. Even moreso if Arnie were in it.
7) I don't think I can even pretend to care enough to answer this question. I guess Cardinals because I suppose that will make Ryan and Jamie happy.
8) DJ Troubles. Jamestia.
9) Generation Kill
10) a seeing eye dog

Simon MacDonald said...

1) Kate Winslet, didn't even remember she was in Titanic.
2) I'm listening to the complete Jonathan Coulton catalog right now.
3) Daniel Craig
4) Ninja beats Samurai like paper covers rock.
5) No. If we were then we'd either be enslaved or destroyed by now as we'd be less than ants to them.
6) Yes. No.
7) Cardinals, "Thank you Jesus!"
8) I decline to answer any rap question. Sir Gets Hit a Lot. Actually that works for the rapper name too.
9) Rome season 1 and 2 are just sitting there begging to be watched.
10) Otters and Tigers

Anonymous said...

1. Kate Winslet, all the way. I've been a fan since "Heavenly Creatures."

2. "Monkberry Moon Delight," by Paul McCartney.

3. Matt Damon. I think he's more versatile. Great comedic timing in Ocean's Eleven. Creepy in Talented Mr. Ripley. Able to pull off action in the Bourne films.

4. Samurai, since I like Toshiro Mifune.

5. I am an extra-terrestrial.

6. No. With Arnie... ehhhhh.... no.

7. I don't watch football.

8. J-Dawg. Jamiedarr.

9. I have several discs I bought from Big Lots for 3 bucks a piece I need to watch. Including "Runaway Train," which I've always wanted to see.

10. Jaguars.

The League said...

JAL sends this in:

1) For what? Winslet, for now. A few years ago, I'd have answered differently. What Steanso feels about Blanchett, I feel about Winslet.

2) "Fortune" by Miracle Fortress

3) Craig. Steanso nailed this one.

4) Ninja, unless they have to fight RoboCop.

5) Yes, I think they return on occasion but are not active as the once were.

6) Only if Tool did the soundtrack

7) Puppies!

8) My first thought was that you're a duo that goes by The Scarlet Witch and Vision, but you're more of experimental grime/electronica than pure hip hip.

9) Heaven interestingly enough.

10) polar bears

thevike13 said...

1) Definitely Cate Blanchett. No question (although I like Kate Winslet too).

2) "Black Man" by Stevie Wonder off of "Songs in the Key Of Life". I was learning the drum part for Eric and I's birthday gig on Inauguration Day last week. Also "Politician" by Cream off of "Wheels of Fire". We have been playing this song for awhile, but I'm still trying to learn the nuances of Ginger Baker's drum part on that song. We also played this song last week at the gig.

3) Daniel Craig (I never thought I would say it, but he actually gives Sean Connery a run for his money as the best Bond). I also agree with Jas in that he comes across better as an assassin. He seems to be able to tap his dark side better than Matt Damon. I like Matt Damon, but not as much as Daniel Craig. I will be curious to see what Craig does in a more dramatic roles with less action.

4) Ninja

5) I don't know. Good question. I certainly wouldn't rule it out, but if they did visit I imagine they may have decided not to come back (these humans will eventually kill each other so why should we waste our time; let alone they may try to kill us for being alien).

6) Probably not. Sure it would be more likely if Arnold was in it, but I would let you and Jas see it first to see if it's worth spending the $8.50. You guys will see just about everything which allows me to be more selective with my movie choices.

7) Steelers is my prediction, but I'm pulling a little bit for the Cardinals (I would at least like to see a good game and I'm afraid the Steelers might blow them out).

In addition, my 3.5 year old daughter Meredith likes the Cardinals (the Dolphins are her other favorite). She is huge fan of birds and dolphins so any sports team with those as a mascot she typically roots for. I'm still working on the Vikings fan part, but we're making progress (she doesn't like the Bears). I also like the Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. He grew up in the Twin Cities (his dad is a sports reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press), was a ball boy for the Vikes in the 90s when they had Cris Carter so I pull for him to do well. He's an exciting player to watch. Above all, I just want a good game.

8) JamMac Diddy. McSteans The Great and Horrible.

9) I don't have Netflix, and I don't do InDemand, but I would like to see "Burn After Reading" because I missed it when it was in the theaters.

10) giraffe


Fantomenos said...

1) I'd probably enjoy a conversation with Blanchett more, but find Winslet more attractive.

2) "Don't Slander Me" by Roky Erikson. I've been hooked since watching the doc "You're Gonna Miss Me"

3) Craig's the better actor, but I'll watch a new Bourne movie before a 007 movie. "Defiance" was pretty good tho'.

4) Aku

5) No, I really think the speed of light is an inexorable limit to this stuff. I'm sure alien life exists out there, it's just that our universe is designed in such a way that life-sustaining planets will forever be isolated outposts.

6) Yes, 1st in line opening day. Although I would prefer a reboot, a la "Dark Knight", the governator's presence would not dissuade me from going.

7) Steelers.

8) Lori Lemaris for both

9) "Godzilla: Final Wars" which I'm watching right now, and it's pretty rad. Also a disc from "Without A Trace, Season 1" for the missus.

10) Penguins. Last time we were in Maui, we stayed at a hotel that had a penguin habitat in the lobby, and I spent an inordinate amount of time watching them, considering how much else there is to do in Maui.

horus kemwer said...

1) Cate Blanchett
2) Hillwood Hustlaz II by SPM
3) Daniel Craig
4) samurai
5) no - because they haven't got here yet
6) Absolutely, but only if the Governator was in it.
7) ?
8) MC J-licious
9) I only watch DVDs I own (and I own a lot)
10) manatee

The League said...

1) Cate Blanchett

2) The last two week's it's been Gnarls Barkley's "Run" and TV on the Radio's "Halfway Home"

3) Matt Damon or Daniel Craig? I asked because I can't decide for myself.

4) Samurai's look cooler, but Ninjas look more comfy. I guess Samurai.

5) 15 years ago I might have believed ET's were visiting us, but when Stephenville thinks there are ET's nearby, I know that can't be right.

6) I would let Arnie punch me in the face three times if I could get the promise of a "King Conan" movie. And just once if they'd just make a new Conan flick (without any ex-NBA players)

7) Cardinals. But not because I think they'll win. Because Kurt Warner is a man of destiny.

8) Jamie should be "MC Flops-a-Lot", and "Lady Stabyou, the Pale".

9) I have "Grapes of Wrath" at home, and am awaiting "Gray Gardens". I noticed "Oldboy" is on InDemand last night, and I've never seen it, so maybe soon.

10) Tigers. Tigers are awesome.

mcsteans said...

My answers are here.

Anonymous said...

1 Winslet. Who ever heard of spelling Kate with a “C?”

2) “A Change is Gonna Come” - Seal

3) Matt Damon as Bourne and Daniel Craig as Bond. Why must we choose?

4) Pirate.

5) Nope. We’re being visited by moronic extraterrestrials. Earth is a field trip destination for their ‘special class.’

6) I’d like to see a new Conan movie, sure. And I’d be interested if they cast Arnold as older Conan in a framing sequence or something. But I wouldn’t want to watch him for two hours in a loin cloth.

7) If I must choose one, then Steelers.

8) No idea.

9) Sharpe 15: “Sharpe’s Challenge,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “In Bruges.”

10) The Orangutans and the Bonobos (their in the same enclosure at the San Diego Zoo).

Anonymous said...

1) Kate Winslet.

2) "Poker Face", Lady GaGa

3) Daniel Craig

4) Ninja

5) No. I think aliens would be smart enough to avoid Earth.

6) Um...Maybe. DVD probably.

7) Steelers

8) M.C. Deliverance & Kestrel, bird of prey

9) Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Rocker, and RocknRolla

10) Panda

Michael Corley said...

1: The two are not seperate in my mind.

2: They Might be Giants: Why does the sun shine?

3: Matt Damon... mainly for his puppet in Team America

4: Ninja. Hot Damn, Ninja. I give kudos to JAL for his robocop reference.

5: No. There is no evidence to support that. Really, think about it... no, none.

6: It would depend soley on the trailer. A real toss up for me. But probably.

7: Those words have no meaning for me.

8: If she were a rapper she'd be Krispy-Krisp. If she were a D&D character she'd be Lady Falchon of the Eagleton brigade.

9: Samurai Champlo

10: The Bats - They have a new bat exibit at our zoo. My daughter has to drag me out. Holy Moley, they're like little winged gods.

Ryan V. said...

1. Kate Winslet
2. The entire soundtrack from "Into the Wild"
3. Matt Damon
4. Ninja
5. Maybe. I'm not sure.
6. No. More likely if the Governator is in it.
7. Cards.
8. I have no personal knowledge of Jamie (or the League, for that matter), so I am not qualified to answer this question.
9. "Tropic Thunder" and "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"
10. The gorilla

Blah-gger said...

1)Cate Blanchett
2) Sun it Rises by Fleet Foxes
3) Naked? Daniel Craig
4) Ninja
5) Aren’t we all thetans trapped on planet Earth in a physical body?
6) I would only go see it if Ahhhnold was in it
7) Steelers
8) a) Skunk b) Janaga Silvershaper the Dungsweeper
9) Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona & a documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So
10) Monkeys

J.S. said...

Man, I so don't get the Kate Winslet thing, but everyone loves her.

Anonymous said...

For me, it's Winslet because as mrshl says, "Gets naked in damn near every movie". the sex scene in Little Children did it for me.