Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines

I'm at TAMU. That's Texas A&M University for those of us in the university collaboration business.

It's very... open here. The buildings are very far apart. Neither UT nor ASU were designed with so much... openness in mind.

The dinner tonight was very nice, and the folks we met were friendly (we being me and Kristi from my office), including a special guest who was sort of accidentally seated with us.

I guess Kristi worked at the TAMU press in undergrad, and so she ran into old work colleagues and family friends. It pays to bring KP with you on trips. I will remember that.

I am tired.

Have a good one.


Simon MacDonald said...

You realize if you don't kidnap the TAMU mascot you won't be allowed back at UT? Don't you!

The League said...

All I'm saying is Shelties are cute, well-behaved little dogs. Even when you've hidden them in your hotel room.

J.S. said...

Hope you are having fun in College Station. Make sure to keep loudly asking all the corps cadets why they're dressed up playing make believe military. They've got a great sense of humor about that sort of thing.
(You really should go see the Bush library. I want to see it sometime.)

The League said...

Sadly I was in the library all day, but only saw the conference center portion. headed back tomorrow before I can do any touristing.

But I was surprised to find that Barbara Bush comes the library every day to hug each person who comes to the library.

She smells like peppermint!

thevike13 said...

Howdy Ags.

Gig Em


thevike13 said...

A&M does have is a lot of land. 20 minutes between classes was quite a walk if your classes were on the opposite side of campus. I have never been to the Bush library even though I usually make a few trips into College Station each year. Hope you get a chance to walk around the campus. It is a beautiful campus.

Yeah the corps loves being made fun of.

The League said...

My only double take was seeing one of the guys wearing the letter-sweater that they have as some sort of casual wear.

I'll be headed into campus for a few minutes today and will poke around some. UT can take a long time to get around, but that's partially because some genius built it on a hill, and you have to go around buildings, construction, crowds, etc...

J.S. said...

Yeah, the difference between the two campuses is kind of interesting. A&M definitely has more of a rural campus feel.
I've gotta say that the people on A&M's campus have always seemed like a pretty friendly group, though (although I haven't really tried to chat it up with those corps guys).