Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lovely Out

It is freakishly beautiful in Austin today. 70 degrees, clear sky, low humidity, a stiff wind. Went to Auditorium Shores with the dogs. Lucy was like a little black comet, flying all over the place in large elliptical orbits.

It is a Maxfield Parrish kind of day.

Despite what I understood to be a general snobbery concerning Parrish's work, I used to keep this poster on my wall in college. It was nice to have a bit of Parrish sunlight to remind you of days like today.

Blogging will recommence when it is not sunny and/ or very, very nice outside.


Anonymous said...

It's cloudy and threatening to snow here. And it's cold.

Michael Corley said...

Ha! Well it's 29 here! I can keep my frozen goods on the stoop! Muah ha ha ha.


mrshl said...

I've been in Austin this weekend, but I've been happily stuck inside a recording studio. So the wondrous days have been kinda lost on me.

Anonymous said...

No, League. It is a Maxwell Lord kind of day.

The League said...

Which is why you keep having the nosebleeds, and Jamie will eventually have to dispatch you.