Monday, May 11, 2009

hat and san francisco

Howdy, Leaguers!

Retiring Pontificatin' Hat Mark I

Leaguers who've made it out to League HQ or run into me at Barton Springs or ACL fest will be familiar with my Pontificatin' Hat.

I look faaaantastic here. Also, in my hand? That is "Pontificating Fuel", kids. Ask your mom where you can get some!

As you can see, the Pontificatin' Hat Mark I didn't ever fit exactly right. With summer here and ACL Fest tickets secured, I decided it was time to step it up a bit. Get a bit more in space around my noggin' and a bit more acreage out of the brim.

The Pontificatin' Hat was dubbed as it somehow tended to make appearances at the end of parties when we'd find ourselves on the back porch, chatting. One does not wear a "thinking cap" for such occasions, Leaguers. I recommend securing a Pontificatin' Hat of your own.

I'd expect Pontificatin' Hat Mark II, a Guatemalan Palm Cattleman's style hat, to start making appearances as early as this weekend. Heck, I just wore it outside at 9:30 at night to water the trees.

For fashion and lifestyle reasons, I resisted a cowboy hat for many a year. But after living in Phoenix and dealing with the relentless sunshine there, and deciding I kind of missed cowboy hats instead of grass-weave bermuda hats that were common in golf-mad Arizona, upon my return to Texas I felt it necessary to obtain and employ the traditional hatwear of my home state.

I'm certainly hanging onto the Mark I. I have a lot of affection for that sweaty, beat up hat.

San Francisco CA

It looks like Jamie and I are actually taking a vacation of sorts this summer. This is not something we normally do. We have a lot of logistical issues to resolve every time we leave town for more than 48 hours as Jamie needs dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. That requires her to find a clinic where she can go that takes our insurance, etc...

Traveling is also tiring for Jamie, so add in a dialysis day, which usually means a lot of resting, and we need to plan in pretty good detail what we're up to.

Luckily for us, The Dug and K. live in the Bay Area, and so we were already thinking that heading out that way was a good idea. Throw in that they became engaged a week or so ago (something I'm still excited about) and its a good time to fly out there for a visit.

No idea what I'll do, and what Jamie will want to do and see, but we've got a pair of Bay Area regulars to show us around, and that ain't bad.

In truth, my knowledge of San Francisco, etc... comes mostly from movies, TV and Mythbusters. But I'm not too worried about running out of activities. I had lunch with David G. today, and he had a very specific place he recommended for breakfast that I have to remember.

Anyhow, if I disappear for a few days in July, now you'll know why.

I should probably look up Bankston while I'm out there.

Also, I'm going to do this...


JAL said...

If you plan to rent a car, Avis has Mustangs available for a very reasonable amount. It was my intention to rent one, but opted for a Prius, then ended up with a convertible bug, which was a blast for trips out of this city.

while you're there, you might want to try a little of this

JAL said...

..out of the city... out of "this" city has the ring of disdain. I have no disdain for either city or any city.

mrshl said...

I'm in San Fran as we speak. I wish we had known about this magical breakfast place you speak of, because we just had breakfast. And though it was delicious, it could, perhaps have been better. We'll just never know.

We did have dinner one night at The Stinking Rose. And I recommend you do the same. I can't recommend that place highly enough. I would eat there all the time if I could.

I am at a pay-by-the-minute internet kiosk, so I can't say much more. But feel free to look me up if you have questions. It's likely your San Fran pals have 200%more knowledge than I do, though.

The League said...

I shall check with the Dug and K. about this stinking rose place. I am intrigued... Not sure we'll rent a car, as I haven't worked out the agenda quite yet.

rhpt said...

I don't think you're a big baseball fan, but you should check out the stadium out there. I hear it's amazing.

Steven said...


You should definitely go to formerly known as Pac Bell park. You can get a delicious hot dog and or sushi. Hey, it's California. Dug may side differently, given his East Bay affiliation, but OAK's got nothing on the giants as pertains to stadium.

The Stinking rose is a great italian food restaurant on Columbus. As the name implies, a garlic bomb will be detonated o'er your food.

Good breakfast. I always loved Sears Fine food ( next to the borders in union square ) or 'ti couz' on 16th ( i think ) in the mission for crepes.

J.S. said...

I'm just glad you guys are actually going on a trip, and I look forward to hanging out with Lucy Dawg for a few days!

Michael Corley said...

We're headin' out that way, but different week. Ah well. Enjoy!

FAPORT International said...

I agree with "rhpt" comment....