Thursday, June 18, 2009

Re-Directs/ Sunny/ Jon&Kate

Comic Oddity

So, Funny Papers was a comic shop that was in Dobie Mall, on the South West edge of campus. It had been there since I was in high school, and changed hands at least four times I knew of. Thanks to its approximation to several places I worked, I had been a customer for years, but as it was, bottom line, not as good a shop as Austin Books, I quit shopping at Funny Papers and switched to the less-convenient-from-work-or-home Austin Books.

I noticed about a month ago that the doors had been locked on Funny Papers buy the property management company. Last I checked, the stock for the store was still in there. As Austin has always struggled to have shops that could last (except for Capstone and Austin Books), and at least three other shops had closed since I moved here in '06, I was sad to see it go.

But... I checked the URL for their old website (which was pretty awful) to see if they'd made note of what was going on, or alerting their customers to some sort of gameplan. Instead, the re-directs directly to

That's an interesting re-direct.

Shouldn't "Sunny" Be Back on Soon?

Leaguers may know I'm a fan of the FX Network program, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". And it seems like a good, long while since Season 4 ended (with a performance of a musical of "Day Man/ Night Man"). And while I already have a foul-mouthed, skinny blond at home, it is time for another round of Sweet Dee.

I wouldn't Tivo the show for your kids, but its good stuff.

The internet tells me that it'll be coming back in September.

Not for the kiddies:

I know you see three shirtless dudes here, but do not let that fool you.

Jon minus Kate Plus Joint Custody

Shocking nobody, Jon and Kate of reality TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" sound like they're heading for divorce in a much more than speculative way. Here.

While indeed morbidly fascinating to watch, its not fun to write about. But if you've seen the show of late (which has taken to inserting special celebrity guest stars to distract from the fact that Jon and Kate have no interest in communicating), this should be no surprise.

May Jon find his stripper and head for Tahiti, and Kate get... whatever. Mostly, I will be curious to see the follow up in "People" in 2020, updating us on whatever happened to these people.

I think they have contracts with TLC that go for another two seasons. I have no doubt TLC will be holding everyone to those contracts as its sort of untapped territory for television.


J.S. said...

Given the logistics of sharing joint custody with 8 kids, I'm not sure that Jon and Kate will actually be seeing much less of each other than they were before. The main difference is that now Jon will have a bunch of strippers following him around while Kate will be free to openly fondle her bodyguard. Another fascinating thing about their breakup is how the American audience is sort of choosing sides on which person to "support" in the divorce, as though this were an actual couple that people were really friends with. TV magic, people.

Simon MacDonald said...

Isn't it great that Jon can mine 4 years of shows to demonstrate to the judge that Kate is an abusive wife.

The League said...

well, I'm not sure Kate has done herself any favors this season by turning her snarkiness toward any mention of the kids. But, apparently, someone mentioned to her not to say anything about Jon on camera this season, or at least to tread lightly.

Honestly, this year is kind of painful to watch, because everybody is clued in (including the guest stars, who seem to be a little horrified by Kate) except those poor kids. And one of the older ones is starting to imitate Kate. Its kind of creepy.

J.S. said...

Also, in a comment that doesn't really bear upon this post, I want to know why NTT isn't listed as a follower of this blog! He comments as much as anybody.

Anonymous said...

J&K+8. I am embarassed that I watch this show. I cannot help myself.

Hopefully Jon drops his testicles and leaves. Staying isn't healthy for the kids or himself. He is a battered man on national TV.

Fascination with the abomination.

rhpt said...

The League said...

Great. Now she can irritate you online in small bursts, too.

NTT said...

I think it's because I never bothered to sign in as a follower or something. I'm not exactly the most proactive type.

J.S. said...

Remember the brothers that you're talking to before using your lack of proactivity as an excuse!

NTT said...

Well, knowing the brothers as well as I do, I would think said brothers would extend some empathy to my non-active plight!

J.S. said...

Yeah. I do. But the least could do would be to officially team up with the League of Inactivity.