Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Turn Around Bright Eyes

So I spent a lot of today in Waco, where my organization holds training through our partner institution, Baylor University.

Its a short drive, and I like Baylor's campus, which is much more traditionally "campusy" than the white block of cement I work in as a state employee.

Anyhow, afterward we headed to Austin Books to meet up with Jackbart and support him during his signing. I also met Alan Porter, who is working on the Cars comic for Boom and Pixar, and who is a bit of a James Bond expert (I bought his James Bond book). And I met Paul Benjamin, the guy handling the Monsters, Inc. comic.

It was a lot of fun!

Hit Mandola's for dinner, and now I'm home. Ran the dogs, watered some trees, etc...

So its been a long day.

Going off to read and then sleep.

So here's a very important link sent to the League Priority Channel, via Randy.

A Total Eclipse of the Heart Flowchart.

Also received this link from one of the folks at Newsy. It's on Usain Bolt's amazing sprint, and looks at the size of today's athletes.

I think I have t-shirts older than the anchor in that clip.

Also, for Mad Men fans: Mad Libs.


Michael Corley said...

The flow chart puts me in mind of when the MST3K folks insisted that "Yes", singers of "Owner of a lonely heart" putting forth that that is better than "owner of a broken heart" must then state clearly every possible permutation.

Example: "Owner of a lonley heart is much better than a owner of a '69 chevy exasut mainfold'"!
or "Owner of a lonley heart is much better than an owner of a pie"!

Anonymous said...

If you like the flow chart, then you will revel in this genius:

Funny stuff

The League said...

Ah, Peabo. You must have been napping in May.