Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trail of Lights


Well, trying to keep our levels of Christmas Cheer set to "Jingle-riffic", Jamie and I headed to The Trail of Lights at Austin's Zilker Park.

The Trail of Lights faced a lot of challenges this year. In the spring, the city spent a truckload of money laying copper wire to enable better power for the mile long trail of lights. In the Summer, the City figured out somebody had come along and STOLEN all of the copper, likely for a tidy profit.

Then, ACL Fest was a bit rough on the lawn and the city is having to replant that grass, etc...

So... the Trail of Lights was renamed to "Zilker Tree Holiday Festival".

Jamie had fun.

The Zilker Tree is a longstanding tradition. Its actually several strands of lights attached to a Moon Tower, and while quite lovely from far away, the longstanding tradition is to get underneath the tree and spin until you barf. Good times.

I hadn't been to the Tree or the Trail of Lights in many, many years. Due to the challenges, the trail was a lot shorter this year, and on the other side of the park from the last time I was there. Also, they had like, five funnel cake stands.

Anyhow, we had a good time. And that's all you get for a post tonight.

Just look at Jamie. She's cute as a button.


Paul Toohey said...

My streak of living in Austin since 1987, and not going to the Trail of Lights is still going strong. We tried to go one year after swim practice, but the line was too long so we gave up.

Plus, I don't like puking.

mcsteans said...

Well, you don't HAVE to spin under the tree. It's trippy enough just to stand underneath and look straight up without spinning.

J.S. said...

Jamie IS cute as a button. I bet she leaves you for a businessman.

The League said...

I just hope she does so before Christmas. Then I can get a refund on her present.

J.S. said...

Can you return Jimmie Olson back issues for the purchase price?

The League said...

Man, don't even kid about returning Jimmy Olsen comics. That will NEVER happen.