Sunday, April 16, 2023

Birthday 2023 - The Anti-Vibe, Very Good B-Day Week

Wednesday was my birthday.  The celebration lasted a full week as we had some neighbors over last Saturday, and this week we went to see Austin FC play Vancouver.  In the middle was the big day.  I'm now 48.  

Holy cats.

On my actual birthday, we went to Jason and Amy's house and cooked up hot dogs, ate potato salad and enjoyed the great weather while the kids ran around and Andre actually spent time outside with us.  Normally, he'd be looking for a sofa to occupy.

They'd recently taken a trip to the Texas coast, and purchased a lovely birthday present for me in the form of the above Sea Turtle pint glass.

My parents are on a trip to Egypt, and have sent pics from Cairo already.  It's pretty wild to know they're in one of the cradles of civilization at the moment.   Some time back in March I mentioned I'd like to get one of the nice popcorn tubs for my birthday as they often mention gifting them to other people, but tend to get me things like work shirts, which is appreciated, but...  popcorn.  Anyway, Mom and Dad delivered.

Anyway, I don't expect much on my birthday.  You expect nothing, and everything is a huge surprise.  Even when you ask for popcorn and aren't sure what they're going to do.

Saturday of our little get-together, Jamie fulfilled my request for a cake with lemon icing (I love lemony baked goods, and all fruity baked goods, which becomes relevant further down the post).  On Wednesday she also made cupcakes for the kids and one for me.  

She got me possibly the most extravagant gift I've ever received for my birthday, and I'm a little stunned, but it seems weird to discuss it here.  More later, maybe.

But other folks also sent things, and I feel like maybe being very-online has both paid dividends and maybe I've told on myself a bit over the years.

From Dug and K, a present on a theme.   Can you guess what it is?

no one will judge you for clicking on the pic for a closer inspection.  It's a nice hammer.

As a middle-aged guy, I am weirdly excited by the gift of a hammer.  I am also delighted that the hammer is "anti-vibe", which is much how I've lived out the last 48 years.  I have already used the hammer, and it works like a charm.

I am also more than happy with the collection of pics and write-ups on the Hammer stars contained in the book.  It's a gorgeous photo-essay book, and if you like Hammer, it's a great guide to the stars and films.

Stuart sent along a few BluRays that are ideal gifts - the gifts of Madonna and Geena Davis.  Truly, if you want to win me over, you can do way worse than surprising me with Madonna and/ or Geena Davis.

I haven't seen Truth or Dare in 30 years, and I've never owned either film.  But, boy howdy, do I have my answer for the next few times Jamie asks "what are we watching tonight?"

Well done, Stuart!

Also, some of my local pals basically placed a future invite for themselves over to The Hall of Gentlepersons with the gift of booze.  I won't go on too long about these two items, but if you've not tried either, do yourself a favor and pick these up.  

B-day gifting kudos, Shoemaker and Juan.  Standing invitation.  Come help me empty these.

Pal Nicole was out of town and unable to check in when we had folks over, so she door-dashed me a lovely treat from local baker, Sugar Mama's!

yes, I keep Halls on my desk

It's a lovely fruity handpie and a sort of pecan pie thing!  Folks, you may be driving me to Type II Diabetes, but this sort of thing is always welcome.  Much appreciated surprise from Nicole!

With the smell of handpies and whatnot in the air, Andre came to see what was going on in my office.  And just kept asking for attention as he is wont to do.

when your constant companion would also like a snack

I also received some Ghiradelli chocolate from Katie and Bryan, and Joel across the street brought me salmon he'd smoked himself!  

And, months ago, we purchased tickets to see our local Major League Soccer franchise, Austin FC - of which we're both big fans - play the Vancouver Whitecaps.

We splurged and got third row seats.

Selfies are hard when your spouse is tiny and you're the size of a Ford Pinto

Pre Kick-Off

Our beloved Brad Stuver and a worn out defensive line

Anyway, we were pretty close-up!  Also, it was interesting to just trust the world and take a city bus and hang out with 20,000 people, which is not something we've done much of since Q1 2020.  And, we were near the Supporters Section, so got to participate without standing for 3 hours.

All in all, a fantastic birthday week.  I have zero complaints.  5 stars.  Would do again.

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