Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Couple of things...

I've added Molly's blog to the The League. If I remember correctly, she is in Japan, but as I do not know Molly, I do not know why she is in Japan. In fact, after hearing scary stories about working in Japan for half an hour on Friday, I feel kind of bad for Molly, but as she is somewhat unsinkable, nobody needs to pity her.

So check out Molly's blog. (and yes, Molly... I took quite a shine to the web-link on your blog...)

Speaking of friends of the Uncanny Dedman, RHPT surfaced yesterday sounding a bit glum. So check in on Randy and make sure the dude is okay. He has a wedding coming up, after all.

Thirdly, one of my bestest pals ever, Jeffrey Alan (Peabo) Peek, announced he was engaged yesterday. Engaged. My little Peabo is all grown up.

I don't really know the girl. I met her once in September, but she seemed like a swell dame, which may be reason enough to warn her off now. Anyhoo, I've known Jeff since 4th grade, we went to college together and the dude was in my wedding in one way or another. He's a square G and an all around decent guy. He's also a defense attorney in Austin, so he gives my brother a good run for his money. Adrianna is some sort of legal-thingy (a lawyer maybe... we were drinking... my memory is hazy here) at the Mexican Consulate in downtown Austin. Aside from that bit of information and the fact that she has a winning smile, the girl remains a bit of a mystery. So I wish Jeff "Peabo" Peek and Adrianna (sp?) the best of luck. Well, really, I wish Adrianna the best of luck, because she will now be legally bound to Peabo for the duration.

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