Sunday, March 21, 2004

Hey, is anyone reading The League?

Sitemeter is now utterly useless due to this tool who is somehow swiping my badwidth. Somehow he's linked this image to The League or something. I'm not really clear on how that works, honestly. I'm kind of hands-off in the world of the internet. I make content, I don't administer it.

I contacted who hosts The LEague. I said "Hey, this dillweed is somehow using my site to post pictures or something." And they said "Tough nuts. We don't resolve problems like this." Which makes me feel the money I put down for this site was probably not worth it.

Further, nobody responds to my requests anymore (maybe three or four of you) which leads me to believe readership is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY down. So, this is my SOS.

I repeat: ss anyone reading The League? If you are, just shoot me an e-mail from the link over there to let me know.

<---------------------------- look for E-mail Melbotis

I'd like to know who the audience is and if everyone has abandoned ship. I'm also curious to hear what you'd like to see detailed within these pages. I'm running dry, man.

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