Thursday, March 25, 2004

Today is Jamie's 29th birthday. Today Jamie has flung around Sol 29 times and is gathering momentum to try the ride once more.

We both slept in a little bit today, we opened presents and that was it. Doesn't seem like very fair compensation for doing the whole damn thing 29 times.

Her buddy Heather is going to arrive from Austin via aeroplane tomorrow. Should be fun. We saw Heather at Christmas, but folks very infrequently visit Mr. House due to its inconvenient location. (actually, a mad shout out to Jill H-W for her recent foray into the desert).

So I hope Jamie has a good birthday. It's hard to give good birthdays, but you have to try. I would hate for Jamie to think back next year while passing "Go!" and think, "What DID I do last year...?" But I am certain that will be the case.

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