Thursday, July 29, 2004

By the way.  Set your TiVO/ DVR/ whatever. 

Justice League Unlimited premieres this Saturday night.

Should be cool.  Mr. Terrific, Atom Smasher, The Creeper, Green Arrow, The Question and a host of others will be making small appearances.  You can also see Captain Atom, Supergirl, Dr. Fate, etc... etc...

I hope this show does well enough to continue to extend for several more seasons.  DC comics, like Marvel, have a massive number of characters and stories to share.  And seeing them brough to the television medium is a huge amount of fun.

Look, I know many or most of you aren't going to read a comic, but if you want to see some crazy super hero action without the shame of actually buying a comic, Justice League is the place to do it.  And this episode is perfect for the uninitiated as they kick off a new series.  Give it a try!

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