Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just watched a chunk of a PBS documentary called "People Like Us". 

There was a section in which they attempted to use high school as a microcosm to demonstrate the formation of class consciousness at a young age.  As you can imagine, the producers let the rich kids talk long enough to sound like real boneheads and like a bunch of ignorant and bigoted maroons.

Funny thing.

The high schools they interviewed were some Austin, TX high schools.  The rich kid school being Anderson high school.  You know, I went to high school briefly in Austin and I don't remember it having a reputation for being full of rich a-holes.  Upper middle class a-holes, yeah.  But rich a-holes?  That was reserved for the Westlake kids when I was in Austin.  (ex:  they had astroturf on their high school football field).

Nonetheless, it's a good doc.  Worth watching, even if it makes you uncomfortable from time to time. 

Oh, and the guy who runs UT's film department was somehow attached in the credits.  I should have scrolled back on my DVR to see if I knew anybody, but I went and changed the channel.  If anyone from Austin knows anything more about this doc, let me know.

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