Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I forgot to mention, as Nord already has, that Unky George has given a name to my pain.

Star Wars, Episode III shall be entitled:  Revenge of the Sith
Well, good for Unky George, then.  When I was 21 years old I could not envision a world in which Star Wars was not the be all and end all of what I loved about movies.  Insert Episode I, and then a helping of Episode II, and voila!  Ambivalence.

I was duped into seeing the last two movies at the midnight premiere.  Never again.  Maybe a Tuesday matinee, if I get around to it.  Sure, I want to see how UG tries to tie it all together for me.  And, sure, I want to see what I assume to be the final installment in the franchise.

Or maybe I'll go rent Spaced Invaders or something.  I haven't decided yet.

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