Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wow. After the coverage today... Wow.

***morning update****

My intitial inclination was just to remove my quick post from last night before bedtime.

Well, as we all know by now, it was NOT 12 miners who survived the mining accident in West Virginia. It was 1 miner of the 13 who survived.

I was, like everyone else, elated upon hearing that 12 of the miners had survived and were just awaiting evacuation.

There are a lot of dangerous jobs that we take for granted, people who crawl into holes miles into the planet to bring back the resources we need to make this planet run. When you work in an office with an elevator and the biggest problem in your day is that nobody started the coffee, it's hard to imagine that day-after-day, exactly these kinds of threats hang over so many people's heads. Each time these people head off to work, it's a risk, and you know these guys don't earn any CEO wages.

Anyway, The League's thoughts are in West Virginia this morning.

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