Friday, February 17, 2006

The League identifies a non-dumb Winter Olympic/ X-TREME sport

You know what's really dull after two contestants have gone through? The snowboarding half-pipe. You know what's even more dull? Skiing. Anything but that tricky obstacle course skiing is as much fun as regression analysis.

Tonight, between figure skaters, NBC featured a sport I'd never even heard of before: Snowboard Cross.

It's like a BMX race on the snow using snowboards. No endless critique of technique, no silly outfits, just four dudes at a time hurtling down a carved out path in a mountain trying to beat each other to the end of the track. Yeah, there's strategy and skill, but there are also a lot of wipe-outs and knuckle-biting moments.

Of course, since we made up this sport in the US (like all X-Treme sports), we won the Gold, but BARELY, Leaguers. And it was fun to watch.

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