Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Review

So here we are in day 18 or something of the Olympics. So far here's what I've learned:

  • People like to say "Bode"
  • The Chinese can take a hit to the knee and still keep going
  • While snowboarding has now been legitimized as a sport, the expert commentators still sound like a bunch of morons
  • The Russian figure skater I remember from 2002 must not have made the Olympics in 2006
  • Curling is exactly as boring as you would assume it might be
  • According to commentator Dick Button, no one is a good enough skater to grace our television screens
  • If you can choreograph a 5th grade pageant, you can get a shot at the Olympic opening ceremonies
  • People really like to say "The Flying Tomato"
  • Male figure skaters should never try to be "tough" in their routines
  • There's nothing to make you feel guilty like getting really excited because somebody got knocked out participating in the luge
  • Replacing all the players on a hockey team with women somehow still doesn't make me interested in hockey
  • Oh, how I hate that Plushenko

Well, that's it for the lessons so far. Lucy is now licking the computer which tells me it's time to knock it off.

This guy in the 007 outfit is awful. I can't believe I know the difference.

Oh, an extra special lesson: Young prosecutors are like sexy, holy angels. This must include Steanso, who is, apparently 4 years older than the avergae prosecutor. Does Steanso lack CONVICTION?

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