Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Elusive Eleventh Question

The King. My earliest memories of the place include collector's glasses of some 70's era pop-culture phenomena. Possibly Superman and/ or King Kong.

Years later Steanso would demonstrate exactly what happens when you breathe in too much helium and too little oxygen off the helium tank with the King's head attached to it. He went down like a sack of potatos, Leaguers. Later, it would also be the first place he would lock his keys in his bitchin' Camaro.

I loves me some BK, when I'm in the mood for greasy food. So, tonight, a tribute to BK.

Question 11:

Best item at Burger King

Eric Nordtrom: The free bullets at the one around the corner from our new house.

Tamara: Chicken Tenders with Zesty Onion Ring Sauce. Get over your pressed-meat fears and embrace the batter-dipped, oddly-spongey goodness of the King!

Natalie: It has to be the little crown-shaped chicken nuggets. You can't go wrong with food in shapes.

Jim D.: There's nothing quite like a flame broiled Whopper, although for those of us who live in Beaumont, there was no local Burger King for quite some time. Apparently, whoever owned the local BK joints abandoned them, and for several years, they lay dormant here in our fair city. They were empty shells, waiting for the chance to reopen. It was not until recently that they did finally open their doors, although I have not visited.

I bet you thought I was going to say chicken fries.

Ryan V: The Whopper.

Peabo: Burger bundles (no longer served). Tiny but tasty.

Denise: -Whopper Jr. No mayo.

RHPT: None. Every time I go there, I end up with a nasty tummy ache for three days.

Nathan: The actually have really good onion rings, which are not really made from round onions, but kind of this onion mash that is formed into a ring and deep-fried.

Social Bobcat: -Classic Whopper, flame-broiled baby!

Maxwell: The King. He's so strong and silent.

Harms: Double cheeseburger. Big, but not too big. Tasty, and then another hit of

Steanso: triple whopper. You don't buy it. You rent it.

CrackBass: French toast sticks., but didn’t they used to have something with some frosting? Mini-cinnamon rolls. Those were better.

Reed-o: Coca-Cola

D. Loyd: Chicken Fries.

Jamie: This item is no longer being offered, but Burger Buddies! Not only were they cute, they were the perfect amount of food.

The League: I have to go with the double-whopper with cheese. Yes, it leaves a mess, but is any other fast food burger as flame broiled and delicious? The answer: No. But Wendy's does pretty well, too.


The Whopper (aka - The Wooper) is a favorite. How can that be a surprise? It's the bedrock of the BK Castle.

Two of you (Peabo and Jamie) selected the same discontinued item. I might add, restaurants are now serving tiny burgers called "Sliders". You should look into them. That may be a West Coast thing. I don't know.

D. Loyd loses 5 points for his mad appreciation of Chicken Fries. THey are not welcome here at The League.

Reed-o gets the "Boo" for picking a Coke and a Smile. C'mon, Reed... you must be eating something on the menu. I refuse to believe between your friendships with Steanso and Griegor that you don't occasionally pop into BK.

The "?" goes out to RHPT who might want to see a doctor about that.

Nathan gets double points for bravery for knowing what's in an onion ring and STILL praising it.
Nat and Tamara are the crown-nugget fiends, which I find hilarious. Crown-shaped chicken. Must investigate...

Steanso... ah... hmmm... you're on your own, Hoss.

Eric needs to move.

And Maxwell gets the most points of the night for redefining how I view her sexuality with a few simple words.


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