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I'm going to try to wrap this up tonight. Let's see if we can't finish this thing. In order to mix things up, let's mix and match questions 13 and 14. Will we see any discernable pattern here? Most likely, no.

Still, not only does this give me an excuse to wrap things up, but it also gives for an interesting view of all of our Leaguers. Read into it what you will.

Question 13:

I'm no astrologist, but I love the planets. If I could dedicate myself to studying but one planet, it would be


Question 14:

I am most like the following Hanna Barbera cartoon character

Eric Nordtrom:

13) Venus.
14) I would have to say Captain Caveman. Don't know why.

13) Is Venus too corny? Is Planet X too hip?
14) Atom Ant--tiny but uncannily strong . . . and totally willing to have my style nicked by future generations of hipsters.

Or, when I'm feeling a bit less self-indulgent: Curly from the Harlem Globetrotters series. The combination of his moniker, 'Curly,' and his plainly bald head reveal a keen sense of irony. Yea, irony. And I've got a pretty prominent cranium myself.

13) Hello? Mars! That's where men come from, right?
14) Penelope Pitstop -- I am always in one mess after another, but come out (mostly) unscathed each time.

Jim D.:
13) Earth. There's always something interesting there, though perhaps not on my part of it.

If pressed, I'd say Pluto, as there is some fierce debate about whether Pluto is indeed a planet (as it does not appear to meet whatever the formal definition of "planet" is). It seems, though, that since the great majority of the populace considers Pluto to be a planet (from their early schooling and memorization of the planets in our solar system), there are those who say that it must remain classified as a planet (since we have always considered it to be such). Who would have thought that a planet could have an identity crisis?

14) Reed Richards. Clearly, RHPT is Space Ghost and The League is Lex Luthor.

Ryan V.:
13) Earth. Yep. Predictable.
14) Astro from the Jetsons.

13) Seriously….is this a question ? They’re PLANETS. They are giant, uninhabitable, non-life yielding, gas filled/covered rocks. A more interesting question would be name your favorite piece of corn in your stool.
14) Although I always felt Shaggy was a kindred spirit (we both liked dogs and eating), I don’t think I’ve ever said the word zoinks. The kids in the youth group at church used to tell me I reminded them of Johnny Bravo. So I will trust their judgment even though I’ve never seen a Johnny Bravo episode.

13) -Dunno…K-PAX.
14) -Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. I wear a white coat and like science.

13) Saturn or Jupiter. I read once that if you could find an ocean big enough, Saturn would float, and Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a perpetual storm larger than Earth.
14) X The Eliminator, the version on Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-law.

13) Jupiter (and its moons)
14) I am most like the following Hanna Barbera cartoon character: I do not have an answer, since I think I relate more to Donald Duck than any Hanna-Barbera character. Are there any Donald-like HB characters? (editor's note: Nothing comes to mind. Yakky Doodle?)

Social Bobcat:
13) we're supposed to say Uranus, right?
14) Shaggy - someone said if i had a green t-shirt and bell-bottomed orange pants i could pass for him at Halloween

13) Mars. Just kidding. Uranus.
14) Velma Dinkley. I wear a lot of orange.

13) The planet I like most is Jupiter. So massive, so proto-stellar, so gassy.

And it has that cool whirling eye - a gigantic hurricane, that's so cool.

And saying "hurricane" gives me one more chance to say: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

And remind you that the man who said that is a boob.

14) Hair Bear of course. Despite being locked up in a zoo, I generally find my way into mischief anyways.

13) Dagobah
14) I'm most like Gloop from the Herculoids. No, wait. Maybe I'm more like Gleep....

13) Neptune – looks so cool in the books, all that blue and green. Plus, in the OUR UNIVERSE books from National Geographic, the “possible life forms were pretty cool (although the fire breathing creatures from Mercury were a close second.)
14) I’d love to be one of the Herculoids, but I’m probably more like Snagglepuss

13) Saturn. Big planet, plenty of satellites, and of course those awesome rings.

By the way, don't you mean I'm no astronomer? Otherwise, wouldn't we be dedicating ourselves to the study of one astrological sign?
14) No idea. Haven't watched the Jetsons, Yogi, Tom and Jerry in awhile, and I don't think I'm like any of the Scooby Doo characters. Maybe the League should tell me what HB cartoon character I'm most like.
(editor's note: Muttley)

D. Loyd:
13) Jupiter. Much to learn
14) Top Cat

13) Jupiter, because it is huge!
14) I am Boo-Boo to Ryan's Yogi.

The League:
13) Mars. Because one day I shall live there.
14) I was going to say QuickDraw McGraw, but I think Jamie probably hit the nail on the head. Probably Yogi. Because of the Pic-a-nic baskets and my uneasy relationship with Park Rangers.
Professionally, I may be most like SGC2C's Moltar.


Let's see here. We've got 5 for Jupiter, 2 for Mars, 2 for Venus and 2 for my anus. Well done, Leaguers.

Ah, there's Peabo, once again overwhelmed with the majesty of the universe The Lord has made for him. Peabo's getting the "boo" on this one big time. It's not just the response he gave, it's also that when we were Freshman Peabo was taking a "self-paced" astronomy course and didn't get a score he liked on his exam. In challenging his instructor Peabo informed his instructor he could "write his own" astronomy text. He did not get his grade curved.

Apparently his knowledge of the cosmos is so great he now feels the topic is no longer of interest.

Oh, and Leaguers, quadruple points to Reed-o for picking up my time bomb. An astrologist uses a "horoscope." An astronomer uses a "telescope". I can't believe only Reed-o noticed that. You guys gotta stay on your toes.

No points can be awarded for naming your likeness after a Hanna-Barbera character.

Notes of interest: Nathan DIDN'T compare himself to Shaggy? I... I don't even know how to reconcile that in my mind.

Peabo IS quite a bit like Johnny Bravo.

I have no idea what to make of Jamie being my small, male friend. Yogi has a girlfriend, Cindy. But apparently she thinks my little partner in crime, and, possibly, my whispering conscience.

That said, she's way more like Jan from Space Ghost.

Jim loses points for (a) using a licensed Marvel property once animated by Hanna-Barbera (b) listing me as Luthor. Clearly Jim D. was hopped up on goofballs when putting his list together. (c) Imagining a world which contains Reed Richards, Space Ghost and Luthor. It's madness.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed. I'm taking a break for a day or two, and then I'll write a few final thoughts.

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