Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Catch up time with D. Loyd

D. Loyd had some other stuff going on and couldn't get his Mellie Noms in during the suggested timeline.

That's cool. We can help a Leaguer out. I promised to post his answers that had not yet seen the light of day. They just don't earn any points.

Yes, the eleventh question is somewhere below. Keep scrolling when you get to the end.

Anyhoo, kudos to D. Loyd. He got his questions in. He just did it sort of late.

1) The person who is always on TV, but whom drives me insane Kevin Bauch of "The Thirsty Traveler". How a guy can be such an annoying jerk and STILL have the best job in the world totally escapes me.

2) Most questionable release from a major movie studio (theatrical release) Brokeback Mountain. It's a great movie, but when has greatness motivated hollywood?

3) Most poorly thought-out band/album/ song Ok, Flamesuit on, but I still can't get Radiohead. Someone help me out?

4) You know what was surprisingly good, but you'd never think it? Ski School

I... Radiohead..? Really? That's okay. I don't get like 98% of the stuff out there. Like what Faustian deal led to Aerosmith not only having a coming back on the back of a rap group, but maintained that popularity for like 15 years afterward.? Or Fitty Sent. Or Kelly Clarkson. Or Kenny Chesney. Or...

Anyhow, thanks for helping out D. Loyd.

Ya'll go to town on D. Loyd.

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