Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahoy, Leaguers.

This weekend was okay. Saturday was fairly quiet as we tidied and I fought off a world-class headache all day. I think that my caffeine consumption is somehow triggering these headaches, but I can't tell if I'm taking in too much or too little coffee.

Jason came over for dinner and we tried out "Culver's" down on William Cannon. Culver's is the sort of place you can go to once in a blue moon, not because its expensive, but because your arteries can only handle so much grease before hardening like little shoots of concrete. So, you know, maybe we'll go back at some point, but if my doctor has anything to say about it, nothing too soon.

We then came back to the house and watched a good portion of "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" which I am ashamed to admit I'd never seen before. You know, that Russ Meyer guy... he knows what he likes. You have to admire his very clear vision. I think.

So TODAY we woke up, tidied up the place and fired up the grill. Several Loyal Leaguers and Friends of the League were in attendance, including Steanso, Harms, JAL, several members of my old office, and, in a special cameo, Patricio. It was our first real shot at doing any entertaining in the new HQ, and I have to say, I think the layout here is very good for entertaining. Open. Almost enough seating, and the distinct possibility of breaking off into separate seating areas, should folks NOT want to hear geeky dissections of technology and tech strategy.

All in all, a marvelous day.

I do believe that we shall now entertain the idea of a League Holiday Spectacular. Expect an announcement shortly.

Thanks to all who showed up. You made us feel very at home here back in The City of the Violet Crown.

And if you didn't show up (La La), well, gee... that's okay, too. We can always fire up the grill some other time.

Steven and JAL managed to wear out the dogs. They were both asleep by 8:30 tonight. An extra special thank-you is extended your direction.

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