Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Holiday Doings

Not much to report.

Two things though.

a) we welcome anyone who would like some light entertainment on Halloween to stop by League HQ. We'll be distributing comics and candy to little kids, and we'll probably put some candy, soda and beer out for big kids. Try to let us know ahead of time if you're coming.

b) I know this is going to seem crazy early, but I sort of want to plant my flag now, so we're not doing this at the last moment...

We're thinking of having The League of Melbotis Holiday Spectacular on December 9th or 10th. If we go for December 9th, I am concerned we'll run up against work parties and the like. If we have it the 10th, it's a Sunday, so we'd probably have a mid-afternoon open house type-deal, which would culminate in the Steven Harms written/directed/performed two-act, one man show: "I'm the Christ Child! Get Me Out of this Manger!" (If you haven't seen Steven's previous work "40 Years? Holy Moses, Get a Map!", I highly suggest you come by for this sure-to-an-annual-treat's debut)

The League's Holiday Spectacular is scheduled to be an all-faith's inclusive affair, so whether you're looking for some Christmas Cuh-razy Fun, Kwanzaa Kookiness, Atheistic Apathy, or just a real mitzvah, hopefully, December 9th or 10th, League HQ will be the place to be (we cannot guarantee we will go out of our way to recognize those worshipping Molok, God of Fire).

Jamie is also hoping to have the party early in December, as, in her own words "If we have it then, maybe people won't already be sick of Christmas."

Perish the thought.

So, what do you think? The 9th?

Your feedback now could be the deciding factor.

Also, we may not do this at all.

I am happy to report I don't think I've seen a single Christmas ad yet. I'd have to dig back through the archives, but it seems like in previous years the ads hit as early as September, depending on what folks were selling (Holiday cruises for the family, etc...). This year, nada. Of course, once Nov. 1 hits, all bets are off, but this year, there seems to be some restraint.

That said, the Christmas stuff is already on the shelves at Lowe's, Target and Walgreens. Tis the Season.

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