Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Suggestions for Further Reading: Take 2

I haven't posted on comics of late, which I feel to be a bit negligent. Sure, sure... you guys seem to be getting along just fine without my helpful reading hints, but this is the site of a comic reader and fan.

Of course you want to share the things you enjoy, but when you're aware that you're involved in a niche hobby or reading genre, you don't want to bug people with your low-level compulsive behavior. So, it's doubly pleasing when I get e-mail or a phone call about a Loyal Leaguer having just bought a few back issues of this or that comic at a flea market or at the store.

So, with all that in mind, I am re-embarking on reviews and recommendations with another stab at SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER READING

Keep in mind, there's a comments section and recommendations are a two-way street. See something you like? Write it up and send it in. Loyal Leaguers will get an immediate post. Folks I don't know I'llt ry to fit in as time and space permit.

On with the show...

If you're a fan of the 1970's/1980's era Superman movies, you probably should be checking out the new run on Action Comics (starting with this week's Action Comics #844). Geoff Johns is currently DC's hottest writer and he's teamed up with his former boss, Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner to write several issues. After Infinite Crisis, the Superman universe is starting to look a lot more like the one from the movies (right down to those little crystals), which is actually working pretty well. The first issue of this new run was great, and Johns is showing a great knack for Superman writing.

Is it any good? Yeah! I enjoyed the heck out of this issue. Between John's understanding of the character, as well as his innate feeling of how readers wish to see Superman portrayed but rarely catch a glimpse... plus, the enormous mystery of the whole thing... This is a great place to start picking up a Superman comic.

Superman sidenote: The 14-disk Superman series is now available for Pre-Order. This includes Superman Returns and the previously unreleased Richard Donner cut of Superman II.

They've had a very nice ad for a single disc edition of the Donner cut in DC Comics the past two weeks featuring a letter from Donner. Very nicely done.

This weekend, Steven G. Harms disappeared for a while at the cookout and apparently read my copy of Frank Miller's "300" whilst sitting on my stairs and trying to digest a burger.

If you've not yet read Frank Miller's 300, I highly recommend this Graphic Novel. Inspired by a true story of 300 Spartans fending off an invading force built of thousands drawn from a vast Persian Empire, Miller spins his yarn in epic fashion. The story is gripping, but mostly this is Miller at the top of his form, working in perfect fusion with constant collaborator (and, I believe, wife) Lynn Varley.

Hollywood has, of course, decided to turn 300 into a movie. Unlike the average Alan Moore adaptation, the producers have decided that they will treat this film like Miller's last adapted work, Sin City. They're taking the imagery right from the source.

See the trailer at

Will The League see this movie? Yes, and we will feel like an utter Mr. Sissy Pants while watching the flick.

Jamie is currently wading through my George Perez "Wonder Woman" collections.

Look, The League really digs Wonder Woman, and The League really digs George Perez. We can only pitch high quality art and well-developed characters featured in crazy, mythology fueled action stories so many ways. So, now we're using Jamie's interest in the Perez-era Wonder Woman to fuel YOUR interest in George Perez Wonder Woman. Sadly, I think the two first volumes of the George Perez run are out of print, but still available at places like

That's all for this edition. I'll keep it light for my first time back out.

Next time: 52

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