Monday, February 26, 2007

The League's Past Few Days

The weekend has come and gone.

We now have both wireless and wired internets delivering packets to our modems.

Natalie was supposed to be in town, but I don't think she was here as she never got in touch.

Friday night was dinner and then not much. Saturday Jamie and I played with Andy and Jason, me on bass, Jamie on piano. I am a bit unsure as to this whole band business. I hear I may be slated to play one tune with the rock band "Crack" at SXS1st during SXSW (although our configuration will be called "Sigmund and the Steans Monsters). I have also been told that I am to keep my ideas to myself. It's a tough way to start in with a band. Apparently I crossed some very upsetting lines when I was trying to come up with lyrics. It seems I don't carry the same filter when facing a crowd that the others shoulder, and there were fears of police action.

All I'm sayin' is that nobody else was coming up with any ideas.

Saturday night Jamie and I hit Kerbey Lane, and I drank too much coffee. I was still flying at 2:30AM.

Sunday Jamie woke me from my slumber with the following message:

"If you want to watch the Intel Building implode, I taped it. Also, there's bagels and coffee downstairs."

It's the little moments like that which make me realize I am the luckiest guy alive.

Around Noon'ish, we assisted Steven G. Harms and Lauren in their move. Steven is the best movee ever. "I have six boxes, two chairs and an armoire," he instructed. "The rest is already moved." Apparently Lauren, who is in no way what one envisions as a burly mover-person, had already moved most of their joint property while Steven was out of town.

So it was pretty quick work. And they still bought us lunch. Kudos to Steven and Lauren for their good work and excellent choice of a new pad. It's quite the set-up.

Today I looked for jobs and realized how dangerous I am with a computer in an office and no other distractions. I have found that I will disappear into this room, intending to check e-mail and emerge three hours later. I completel missed going to the bank today as I went to check e-mail at 4:00 and when I looked at the clock next, it was 6:00. Kind of scary.

Still, I'm happy to be at a desk of sorts instead of sitting on the couch with the laptop burning a rectangular spot on my stomach (I sit sort of inverted, with my legs propped up).

Comic reviews are up at Comic Fodder.


Anonymous said...

I did not know you played music!

The League said...

I have now officially played bass for a total of two weeks or two hours, depending upon how you want to call it. I think "play music" is stretching it. Jason is making things easy on me with tough bass lines like GABC in a 4:4.

Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to play the bass. i've dated two bass players in a feeble, transparent attempt to get free lessons. (i received exactly ZERO lessons from either of them.) 6-string guitar players have been much more eager to teach me, but i specifically want to play bass. the best valentine present i ever received was a bass guitar, amp, and teach-your-self-how-to-play-the-bass book. the bass and amp sat in the corner of my living room for three years, mocking my lack of discipline to teach myself to play (or pay for lessons to learn) an instrument i professed to have profound desires for. please keep playing. you're living my dream. :] and for the record, i think i'd love your boundary-crossing lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine this band. Jamie will help keep it sane possibly, as she really is a good musician.

Anonymous said...

Ack! (Said in my best Cathy voice.) Um, I didn't come to Austin. It was a last minute decision after the psychic warned me that I shouldn't go. Or my best friend's teenage daughters were acting up thus making us choose to stay home to make sure she'd have a home to return to. It was definitely one of those two reasons.

I'm there March 10-12th and back again on the 13th for the Toadies. I can definitively say that I WILL NOT miss the Toadies and will definitely be there that day. The other dates are what my houseguest wants to do while she's here, but she can always change her mind.

I'm going to stop rambling now because I'm probably only making sense to myself.

Sorry for not letting you know that I wasn't coming into town. :-/ Honestly, I'm lucky I make it out of the house at all.