Friday, March 02, 2007

Open Weekend and Romantic Movies

So, through an odd turn of events, Jamie's mom is under the weather (everyone give a Huzzah! for Judy) and Jamie's Dad is headed for Brazil. It's complicated, but it involves large, migratory birds and a German/Canadian physicist. More than that, I cannot say.

So Jamie is trading positions with Judy and is heading to Lawton for a few days to go run the show, wrangle cats and make sure Judy doesn't try any stunt driving. Which means The League is left to his own devices from Friday mid-day to Sunday evening.

Luckily, I have a lot of booze left over from the Christmas Party, so Mel and I are going to raise a pirate flag, stand on the upstairs balcony and wave sabers menacingly at the neighbors until the police show up. Yarrrgghh...

I'm also totally poor. So this weekend may mostly entail a lot of catching up with comics, cleaning, and trying to lay low.

A job would be totally sweet right about now.

We're headed for Erica F.'s wedding in a few weeks, and Jamie bought a shiny dress for the event. I have learned it is outside in Houston in March, so I hope Bug won't mind when I show up in shorts and my OU812 tour shirt. The following weekend we've got another outdoor wedding for Denby. I am sure Denby will want to change her name, but that ain't gonna happen. She'll always be Denby to me.

She's marrying a purveyor of fine meats. Go figure.

So a special shout out to the Loyal Leaguers who addressed my probing questions regarding romantic movies.

go here.

Once again, RHPT refuses to elaborate, leading me to believe that he was the kid in class who plagued the teacher with the "do we have to know this for the test?" questions. Hang your head in shame, RHPT.

As always, I've written questions without having any answers in mind of my own. Here goes:

1) What movie do you think best exemplifies the ultimate expression of romantic love?

I want to say that flying around the world so fast that you travel back in time for love is pretty good. But Maxwell points out another candidate in "Somewhere in Time" where Chris Reeve once again travels through time, but this time to meet the super-foxy Dr. Quinn, and that's good, too.

This is a particularly tough one as I don't watch too many romantic movies.

There's something about sacrifice for love that's sort of nihilistic and romantic. For example, Casablanca as love means letting go. But I think the never-realized love of Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is particularly poignant.

Plus, you know, Michelle Yeoh. Yowzah.

I might point out that this category was romantic love, not love between a boy and his dog. But if that's how you want to define romantic love, that's cool. I only ask that you stay far, far away from my dogs.

2) What movie do you think demonstrates the most fun look at Mad Love?

True Romance. Those are too crazy kids in some crazy, mixed-up love.

And, of course, The Quiet Man.

3) What movie do you think most accurately depicts or reflects how you feel about romantic love in your own reality?

I sort of think Jamie and I have a real nice Gomez and Morticia Addams thing going on.

But there's also something very visceral about "Punch Drunk Love" that, though the events don't reflect anything familiar, there's something I respond to about a semi-obsessive, self-conscious guy with borderline social skills realizing he has a good thing and realizing he's going to have to fight for it.

Also, I love pudding.


Anonymous said...

Apologies for missing the opportunity to participate.

No one mentioned Sid & Nancy for mad love?

- JD

The League said...

You just did!

RHPT said...

I thought having me participate would please you.

The League said...

It did. Sort of. Remember when asked for you to elaborate in the original post? I know you want for the Mellies to be multiple choice, but that's not how this works. Think "Blue Book" answers.

RHPT said...

You know, I totally missed the "why" part of the post. No wonder I got such lousy grades in school.

The League said...

Just remember: when we get to the Mellies, people are nowhere as interested in your answer as they are in the reasons you provide for your answer.

Michael Corley said...

Lawton? Thems my stomping grounds! :)

The League said...

Well, we venture to Lawton on a semi-regular basis. I'll keep you posted for our next journey northward.

Jamie's folks used to live in the middle of town, but now live out near Ft. Sill and the Refuge.