Monday, March 19, 2007

A Bit of Difference

As I recall, Leaguer Randy once opined something along the lines of "Why does The League obsess about Austin? Stop living in the past, dude."

The past week or so has proven to me in no small degree that our return to Waterloo was a well-conceived plan, if you don't take my current jobless situation into account.

1) Last Friday, my former roommate and eternal pal was here for SXSW hi-jinks. I was able to see the guy and dine out with he and other friends. This led to running into old pal, Amy C. No longer same-city e-mail pals, we got to catch up.
2) The parents were able to come for a nice weekend March Birthday celebration last weekend.
3) Monday night, Nathan C. (no relation to Amy C) was in town for SXSW. Got to catch up with one heck of a guy and once-again expectant father.
4) Not much going on Tuesday aside from Crack fun.
5) Wednesday, outdoors in the rain, got to see some fun music and rock out. Also allowed to participate in said rocking.
6) Wagner arrives for the rocking.
7) Wednesday night was "booze night".
8) Thursday mostly uneventful, but Wagner continues to linger.
9) Thursday night prioved difficult to find a place to eat as SXSW is everywhere. Jamie grumpy, but, honestly, I was just happy we had options. Just not something we had in AZ.
10) Friday braved the crowds and hit certain shops in pursuit of Jason's birthday present.
11) Friday night somewhat tame as I miss the FREE Public Enemy Show, then proceed to miss a birthday party as I just couldn't bear the thought of going into town during SXSW.
12) Saturday hit Curra's for Jason's b-day lunch. (Finally re-locate Texicalli... which is next door to Curra's).
13) Saturday night is Jason's B-Day party at his place. I hang green streamers and almost deafen the birthday boy when "popper" is actually very loud and does not just shoot confetti as I believed.
14) Spend some time with Jason's quality friends, including catching a rare glimpse of the elusive Meredith Shaw. Although the evening's highlight may have come with Ellie's gigantic Hulk hand beer holder.
15) Nearing midnight head to Pat's where I see The My for the first time since 2000, meet his wife, and am also able to celebrate wedding of pal Jeff Shoemaker (formerly a Loyal Leaguer) who had a small civil ceremony on Friday.
16) Sunday, some folks from Saturday late party drop by, we all wind up having a late dinner at Trudy's.

Last year at this time we were getting rained out of the Ostrich Fest.

Sure, this week was crazy. It was nutty crazy. And next weekend we have a wedding in Houston (Bug's wedding)). The following weekend the lovely La La is marrying this Mike fellow.

The League likes a busy calendar. We enjoy having stuff to do and peopel to do it with. Somehow this tops the weekend trip to Target being our only journey out of the house from Friday to Monday.

Yes, it's been a good week.

Now, if only I had a job.


Anonymous said...

I -love- Texicalli Grille. Damn, is there anything better than their cheese fries? - JD

RHPT said...

I can't believe you're still lingering on that comment.

I guess it was my way of saying either move back or shut-up about it. I didn't realize how rude it would sound.

The League said...

"I guess it was my way of saying either move back or shut-up about it. I didn't realize how rude it would sound."


Carla said...

Currently I'm stuck in suburban hell. I know your pain.

J.S. said...

We're glad to have you back, too. And feel free to come back any time, CB. Austin misses you, too!

Anonymous said...

I really, really -love- Texicalli Grille. Damn, is there anything better than their cheese fries? - JD

The League said...

Carla: Do not let your child grow up to be a Tarheel, nor a Blue Devil. Return to the Lone Star State. We can forcibly evict the Adamson woman from your former home.

JD, your love of the Texicalli is both frightening and unnatural. My attempt to go there this evening was cut short by a sandwich related meeting with Project: Harms from the north region of my fair city.

My sandwich was so like his sandwich that when I mistakenly received his sandwich, I knew something was off, and would not touch it. Yet, when my sandwich arrived, I knew my sandwich to be MY sandwich and handed his over. That did NOT prevent me from eating his soup.