Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trailer for Death of Superman

The trailer has been released for the upcoming straight-to-video DVD release of "Death of Superman" or "Superman/Doomsday" or whatever they're calling it.

The copy written for the VO on the trailer sounds like it came from the desk of a WB Home Video intern, or else the studio totally missed the attempt at retro trailer copy with lines like "See! The Amazing Superman! See! Him Perform Amazing Feats!" Anyway, I think if you just look at the footage itself, it looks pretty cool.

It looks like the story has been greatly altered from the comics, cutting out all of the extra storylines and, it seems, dumping the "Rise of the Superman" storyline, which leaves the "Return of Superman" storyline in some serious doubt. But he does come back with the Super Mullet, and that's got to be good.


Anonymous said...

Is this in the DCU Animated continuity? Loos like the voices are different.

The League said...

Nope. Not in DCU animated continuity. This is part of DC's new effort to bring their stories from the comics directly to video.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Supes LOOKS like the DC Animated Universe Supes. I don't know why they would distance themselves from the DC Animated U. I mean, they could bring stories from the comics to 'toons and still make it consistent with the animated U.

The League said...

I really don't know. I had actually expected the art to demonstrate some greater difference, perhaps reflecting the Jurgens-era art which is so closely identified with the original comic. That said, I think the budget couldn't handle that level of animation.

I think Warner Bros. has officially shelved the Timm/Dini DC universe and is following in Marvel's foot steps as they've had some success with adaptations of their content hit DVD in the past few years.

It's worth noting that Bruce Timm is working on the project as a producer, so there may be a tendency to emulate his style just out of habit and whatever design guides Timm is bringing to the show.