Thursday, May 03, 2007

#1 Son

So this evening we headed over to Casa de Peabo to bear witness to the miracle of DNA recombination that is Owen Jefferson Peek.

As expected, 01 is quite small. He's a week old and his primary interests seem to include sleeping, occasionally thrusting his arms around as if he suddenly had a good idea, and then getting some more sleep.

He's got quite a head of hair, this kid. And he looks quite a bit like his mom. Which is probably all for the best.

Adriana's parents were there, and being parents, in the brief time we spoke, they tried to feed us. Nice folks.

Overall, it's an interesting thing seeing this crossing of the generations. Both Peabo and Reed are people I've known for a long, long time, so seeing your friends as parents, when you've also seen them in the hallways of middle or elementary school, is an odd, odd thing. You have to take that moment to think "Yes, this is the same guy who wanted to go capture rattlesnakes by hand, but we're going to have to trust that his judgment is now a bit more sound." Even when you know darn well that we may all have jobs and a mortgage now, but we're essentially the same goofy people we were in middle school. And it wouldn't surprise us if, tomorrow we were to find ourselves in the woods again being berated for NOT wanting to use our shirt as a rattlesnake bag by this guy who is now responsible for the care and handling of an entire human being.

As fast as time flies, I know that we're probably not too far off from showing up at some of Owen's first soccer games. Or receiving Christmas Cards with photos containing more than one child in Peabo's brood. But when I think I'll be 50 when that kid graduates high school... Well, time marches on.

Congrats to Peabo and Adriana. That is one heck of a kid you've got there.

I cannot wait for him to attend high school with Carla's kid, who will pummel him mercilessly.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jeff and Adriana! Can't wait to see Baby Owen. He is blessed to have you and Adriana as parents. Next time we are in Austin, hope we can meet the little fellow.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't rattlesnake you big Nancy. And your shirt was large enough to make a very nice bag in which to capture him.

Owen will not have to worry about bagging any snakes, now that we have archives of the Crocdile Hunter showing us that there is no need for a bag. One merely needs a stick and the nads to grab the snake by the tail.

I had almost completely forgotten about that story. Good times.


The League said...

it WAS a rattlesnake. And I can confirm with Steanso on this one, as I believe he was there. Anyway, we found the snake because it was rattling, sans maracas.

Peabo's career as an amateur naturalist was, thankfully, short lived.

Anonymous said...

The snake was dark in color, almost black, and there was no rattling. Your memory is worse than an old man telling fishing stories. In 5 years you will be recounting how you narrowly missed the strike of a black mamba in the woodlands of central Texas.

If I recall, I spotted the snakc right about the time you were going to step on it. I saw it, I did not hear it, as certainly a rattle snake about to be stepped on would have made some noise.

The League said...

There is a chance you are right. A very slim chance, my addle-memoried friend. As I recall we saw the snake and I ran like a coward, and upon my return it was rattling. We will have to look to Steanso, whose memory is full of more holes than a ten ton block of swiss cheese.

Carla said...

Congratulations Jeff and Adriana. Make sure to get out and grab some time to yourselves while the Grandparents are there. Babysitting is a precious and highly valued service.

J.S. said...

I was pretty sure it was a rattlesnake, too, but my memories may have been colored by years of Roundball retelling the story.

The League said...

I'm starting to think it's possible that it never was a rattlesnake but I thought it was and was never corrected.