Friday, May 25, 2007


hey, Leaguers!

I was just checking the summer movie schedule at The Paramount (and, seriously, it's like someone asked me exactly what movies I might want to see on the big screen...)

July 14th and 15th "Superman: The Movie" will be showing at the Paramount!

I'm thinking I'll take in the July 14th, 3:00 PM showing. Anyone who wants to come, we should form some sort of expedition! (This means you, JimD).

For the totally great summer line up, click here.

Oh, and next Sunday I will try to see "The Big Sleep". Because (a) it's a great movie, and (b) because it's Lauren Bacall at her foxiest.

Then, on the 12th and 13th I'm heading down to see the two Thin Man movies, schedules permitting.


Anonymous said...

I have found through experience that the League is unable to come through when he promises me a screening of the orginal Superman in antiquated historical Theatres turned summer movie house.

I want a personal guarantee that if I show up and something happens with the projector or the electricity fails, that the League and Jim D will act out the whole movie for us.


The League said...

I think I can do a pretty good Jor-El. A naked and gurgling Jim D stuck in a chandelier may be a taller order.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that there was something very familiar about this proposal but then saw that Jeff beat me to it. I will endeavour to return his dagger to his as expeditiously as possible upon its removal from my back. Off to crying . . . . ;)

Steven said...

I missed on S-U-P in B-M-T but I'm down for this one.

Anonymous said...

Rather than hire guest writers, you should create a robot to post for you when you are tired and change the name of the site to the League of Melbotix.