Monday, May 21, 2007

Harvey Dent and Answering Questions

Hey, Leaguers.

Would you vote for Harvey Dent for DA? If this means anything to you, I'd click on the link and then let the image roll over.

The weekend was very busy as weekends tend to be when one is employed. Friday was dinner and margaritas with Matt and Nicole. Saturday was Spider-Man 3 with the Shaws. And Saturday night I began Wii Quest '07. There are no Wii's for sale in South Austin.

Sunday we did some serious yard work, I hung my flag for Memorial Day, and then crashed for a bit. We wound up at Nicole's house for dinner with the Garcia's. It seems Letty is now sporting dual French/US citzenship. So Letty is now one of us Amerikaners. God help her.

And that was it. Busy weekend. I ot four months worth of comics bagged and boarded, but not sorted and entered into the database (that has top happen sooner or later this week). Matt might be staying at our house in the evenings as he sorts out his condo/living situation.

And that's about it.

I am amazed at all of the traffic from my short post asking for questions.

1) Que tegusta hacer cuando jugar con unicornes?

I like to take them in the tub.

2) What's wrong with your stats? An average of 244 visitors/day not enough for you?

The high number is deceptive. It's literally a 95+% looking for pictures. Mostly of naked Supergirl. (Hello Google pre-verts!)

3) Why do you worry so much about how many people are reading your site?

I don't worry about how many people are reading. I worry about people returning. And participating. Or just saying "hi".

4) It all comes down to: do you enjoy it?

Sometimes. Most of the time. But sometimes not.

5) I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new CBS show, Kid Nation.

I think it's a concept that should have been explored with Survivor, but instead they turned Survivor into Double Dare.

6) The bit about the girl who I couldn't date because she was really into mountain biking....

I know it was confusing, but Jamie + mountain biking = unlikely.

No, that was a my analogy for my former, short lived job. We had very different ideas regarding what I would be doing for a living.

7) I think the RSS stuff has worked itself out.

8) If the only people that read are your Loyal Leaguers and a few randoms that stumble across it, does that make it less fun?

I guess I would compare hosting this blog to, oh, say... dinner theater. It's kind of hacky and dumb, but people show up, if just for the spaghetti. But I'm sort of flying solo up here on the creaky stage, trying to put on a performance every evening. I don't know how many of you have been in a play, but when you're in a show, you can't see the audience. All you can see are the lights. And that's sort of what it's like running this joint. I have no idea who is out there, if I know the people, what sort of people they are. Sure, a few friends said they'd show up, but I can't see them and I don't know where they are.

And every once in a while there's a stretch where the audience doesn't give you so much as a polite cough to let you know they're out there. You think you can kind of see the outline of a few heads, but you finish a big show-stopper, and all you can hear is yourself breathing a bit too hard. Or else you can hear someone in the audience arguing with the wait staff.

That's not to say I'm seeking applause, but as I often say, it's the Leaguers who make it all worthwhile. And sometimes when you've gone for a stretch and you have no idea if anyone is even showing up (or else the place is being flooded with senior citizens for the Tuesday Night $2.00 special, who aren't going to watch the show, anyway), you sort of want to say, "Okay, let's not run the show tonight."

And, anyway... Blogging takes time. And it's work, even when it's fun.

So, yeah, sometimes you want to take a look out form behind the curtain to see how many are in the house before you bother to get into costume.

9) Maybe you should have guest host, like they do occasionally on the Late Show or Tonight Show. So you start to feel burned out...turn it over to Stephen Harms for a week. Or Randy or Jim D.

I dunno. It's sort of a personal journal. That's a bit like letting your borther fill in your diary because you're out of town for a few days.

So, anyway, I hope this answers some questions.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Anonymous said...

The two of us actually made it out to see Spider-Man 3 on my birthday! Bless Renata's parents.

I thought Peter Parker's "emo" look was kind of silly.

I liked the story.

Even though I loathe CGI more and more each year, I really thought the Sandman looked cool.

The League said...

I liked the scene where the Sandman tried to reconstitute himself in the molecular blender. That was quite imaginative. But I though th third act made no sense and the Gwen Stacy introduction went nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

You did not answer the question: "If you could go back in time and convince yourself not to become a fan of Superman, would you? Why or why not? If not, what would you go back in time to tell yourself, and to what year would you go?"

Unknown said...


Sorry I haven't been commenting, or even reading. Since I work in the computer industry, on a computer all day, designing cpus for a living, one of my goals over my sabbatical was to (surprise) stay off the computer. I do religiously read your blog and your bro's when I'm at work.

Most recently, I have been in a hole, and not wanting to come out.

Being in a local band, I understand how hard it is to deal with apathy.

Anyway, keep doing what you're doing until it's no longer fun. As soon as blogging starts to feel more like a dead-end job and less fun you'll know to get out completely or go on hiatus for awhile.

Late congrats to Jeff and Nathan for their new additions. I hope both babies (and moms) are healthy and happy.

Anonymous said...

Two things

1) OK. Seriously. Shaw designs CPUs? That is soo cool. The only thing that would beat that is if someone worked at Google, or is on the Windows Team at MS.

2) You used to complain about your SiteMeter being "off" or something. You could start a new SiteMeter account.

Did I say how cool it is to know that Shaw (whoever he is) designs CPUs?

Anonymous said...

Hey, here is some feedback. I just wanted to say that your site is extremely funny in spanish. Even funnier than the english version.

Just flew back from Mexico and googled your site before my flight(doesn't everyone?). It popped up en espanol. Muy chistoso!

Also, congrats to Jeff and Nathan on their babies. Very handsome lot!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the joker is no longer at the site to which you linked.

You can view it here, however.

The League said...

Creepy, huh? More in keeping with the Jonathan Crane Scarecrow from the last movie.

Now, how will they portray Crazy Quilt?

Steven said...

I could never League as well as the League. Nor could my slightly less-nerdy and smooth with Laura Winslow doppleganger Stephen ( that's ste-phan ) Harms.

The League said...

It's always a good day when we can squeeze a "Family Matters" reference in here at The League.