Friday, May 18, 2007

Too Close to Home

Sometimes you see something on TV that makes you sort of do a bit of soul-searching, even when it was never intended to cause that bit of soul-searching. Or not.

As I mention here upon occasion, I am well aware of my low-level, basic social dysfunction, but part of that awareness is also the awareness that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

And so I was watching VH-1's Acceptable TV a while back, and saw this sketch. And as funny as I find it, when I mentioned to Jamie that maybe I identified a bit too much with Gar, she certainly didn't argue.

So, as it turns out, I'm "Gar the Unbearable".


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say you are Gar, but I could see some similarities. The difference is, I don't think Gar is aware of his unbearableness, whereas the League likes to joke about his unberableness, which in the end, really isn't all that unbearable anyway.

You are more like Gar The Self Depricating.

And who doesn't like that Gar.

Anonymous said...

I do not see how this character in any way resembles you.

The League said...

That is because you are not in Austin for the full show.

Anonymous said...

It is true I am not in Austin, but I still find that very difficult to believe.

The League said...

Me + room full of people I don't know - work context = Gar

Anonymous said...

Solution: hide from rooms full of people you don't know forever. This is what I do, and it works mostly well.