Monday, June 04, 2007

Hey, Leaguers!

Busy weekend. These days I'm finding that the most tired I am going into work is on Monday mornings, which means I need to start taking it a little easier on Sundays.

Friday night Jamie and I headed to the Alamo South to see "Knocked Up", which was preceded by a reel of sex-ed clips from the 1960's and earlier, each creepier than the next. Mix in some Judd Apatow clips and deleted scenes from "40-Year Old Virgin" and it was a good show. It was also Matt Mangum's birthday, and so I bought him a beer at the show.

I liked "Knocked Up", for the record.

As some Leaguers know, the Krypton Kruiser has seen better days and we're now looking at trading her in. I'm a lot sad about the idea of giving up on my car, but I think Jamie and I are now at the point where we're throwing good money after bad with that car, and we'd actually save money by taking on a car loan and a 3 year warranty. No, seriously. That's the kind of money the damn car is costing me.

Jamie was supposed to be in the market for a new car two years ago, but she never bothered to look, so we're both looking at cars with a strong chance we'll both be in new cars by the end of the summer. I'm a Consumer Reports believer, so I'm only looking at cars with a minimum of a check mark (as in recommended), and looking a lot at fuel consumption and safety features.

Anyhoo, Saturday was mostly spent looking at cars and standing out on the pavement in the sun. There are a lot more options in the arena of the Forester (small SUV/ station wagon) than when I was looking seven years ago, and we have fairly good options within our price point. But I haven't come anywhere close to making a decision yet. It's not like when I got the Forester seven years ago and had been researching the heck out of that car for months before I walked into a dealership. I actually really still like the Foresters, and it has the head room and safety features your League needs, but it's a little weird to think I'd be driving an updated model of the same car, putting me in the same auto from 2000 until past 2014.

Saturday night Nicole was sick, so we took Matt out on his lonesome for his brithday margarita and dinner. A tough trick as it was both the Republic of Texas biker rally weekend and Gay Pride weekend, which meant many restaurants were hopping both in town and out as restaurants on Manor (down near where Matt is living for the moment) seemed more packed than usual. We wound up at El Mercado, which was Omega Man empty, had some margaritas and then went back to Matt's to check in on Nicole.

My folks also needed to get into our house Saturday night as they'd been tubing the Blanco river, so we returned home and they were snugly asleep in the guest room.

Sunday we headed to Threadgill's for the Gospel Brunch (which is fun if you're in town on a Sunday), said our good-bye's to The Admiral and Karebear, and then Jason and I hit Barton Springs for a while with Kim Bloom. I am pale, hairy and chubby, which isn't really the demographic for the shirtless of Barton Springs, but I braved the sunshine, anyway.

Barton Springs hasn't changed much since I first visited prior to even moving to Austin in 1984. It's a great summer-time sort of place, with water at a constant 68 degrees, a nice lawn to throw down your towel, and you mostly don't need to worry about anybody stealing your stuff while you're swimming. Jamie was grabbing some much needed sleep, so I don't know if she's ready to take on the Springs once again.

Grabbed a sno-cone on my way out, then ran home and did the front yard.

Last night we got pounded by a fairly serious storm, and our program was interrupted by predictions of tornadoes. Last week marked the ten year mark since Jarrell was leveled by an F5 killing two dozen people, and the meteorologists around here still take this stuff very seriously.

Once the storm passed I got some comic reviews done, which meant I also stayed up too late.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

You should consider a "new" used car. Dave Ramsey says that's the fiscally responsible thing to do.

The League said...

Dave Ramsey is a FOOL.

Who is Dave Ramsey? Are you Dave Ramsey?

I think everybody has a theory on what the smart thing is to do when car shopping, and its usually based on some advice passed down at the dinner table as much as anything.

The bottom line is that I need reliable transportation and I think I'm more likely to get reliable transportation for at least the duration of my warranty with a new car than a used car. After all, people usually sell their used cars when they start to give them trouble.

J.S. said...

Pale, hairy, and chubby can still be the ideal physique for Barton Springs, so long as you are willing to let your freak flag fly and spend some time practicing yoga, the djembe drum, or possibly a dijiridu while seated on the grass up on the hill.

Anonymous said...

The League said...

Ooookay. Now the internet is freaking me out.

Hi, Dave Ramsey. Thanks for the advice!

I think you have a lot of good things to say, but you, sir, are no Matthew Lesko.

Erica said...

I have a Forester and LOVE it!