Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Dear Japan,



The League

Terror Robot 1

Terror Robot 2

Terror Robot 3


Anonymous said...

You would think that the robot would have more Asian facial features. I'm just saying......

Anonymous said...

I would like to call out the league for being an ingenuine Robot sympathizer. All the time on here we read about how the League anxiously awaits the arrival of the Robot overlords, and how eager the League will be to do their bidding. But alas, at the first ealry stages of what can only be seen as the impetus of the eventual and imminent ascension of the Robot overlords, what do we see ? Rejection and mocking.

I believe through what will have to be considered superior intellect and search engine capabilities, the future Robot masters will no doubt find out about your comment, and you will not be allowed to be assimilated.


Another fearful earth slave seeking favor of the future robot Overlords

J.S. said...

The League's audience is a fascinating demographic.

The League said...

I am so doomed. I suppose that I will now have to begin the earliest stages of the anti-robot resistance.

Expect all future posts to be written on bark and tacked to a series of trees across North America.

person said...

That sounds safe. The squirrels have been trying to take us over for hundreds of years, so I don't think they're going to pull it off.