Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson was hit by a car driven by Mary Dodgen on the night of July 3rd, 2006. Jason found out in the early hours of July the 4th and returned to Austin. He was not at the concert when Jeff was hit as he was visiting with Jamie and me at our parents' house in Spring. We were supposed to be coming into town to tell my folks we were moving back to Texas, but had let it slip beforehand.

Kim and Sigmund Bloom were also struck, as well as two other men. Jeff passed on July 10th, 2006.

There's an article in today's Statesman about the current status of the case.

It's been a long year for Mandy, Jeff's parents (Don and Jajuan), Kim, Sigmund, Jason and a whole lot of people in Austin.

Jeff occasionally commented on these pages. He maintained his own blog. He assisted with the briefly lived media blog "Nanostalgia", with which many a-Leaguer participated. I knew Jeff mostly through e-mail, online, and a few times we'd visited while I was in Austin.

I didn't know Jeff as well as most folks, but I know Jeff is missed profoundly by all.


Steven said...

This is a horribly edited article and I'm taking it up with the writer.

The League said...

Duly noted, Steven. Please keep me apprised of the situation.