Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July the 4th, EoD

I've run this once before, but in the spirit of the holiday...

Beware, this video has naughty, naughty words.

We didn't do much. I slept late, did some stuff for work, it rained, went to the store. Returned a clock/weather radio I'd bought as (a) it wouldn't tune in to the weather frequency, and (b) if it lost power, despite battery back-up, the radio would turn off (but it would keep the time). It's a weather radio. Seriously, Timex... what the hell? What, exactly, were the criteria you assigned the engineers working on this piece of junk?

I'm not 100% positive I need a weather radio, but I'm also not 100% certain I DON'T need one.

Anyhow, we cooked some burgers with Matt. He ate my hotdog without permission, but we had plenty of food, so no big deal.

Went and bought fireworks and set them off in Buda. Never buy 48 jumping jacks, even if they are only $4. Do buy the artillery shells. Matt put on quite a show.

More dull days need to end with fireworks.

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