Sunday, August 19, 2007

A nice, slow weekend.

I needed a slow, quiet weekend this weekend, though. Having a job, I find, does that to me.

Friday night we never made it out of the house except for an early dinner. I'd managed to leave work at a reasonable time, so it was a nice change of pace, given how the rest of my week had gone. We watched "Batman Begins", and after Jamie went to bed, I watched "When Worlds Collide". I think it's an interesting movie, but I somewhat question some basic premises of the film.

"When Worlds Collide" is a 1950's movie about what happens when astronomers figure out a huge planetoid is headed towards Earth, and when it hits, we're all gonna die. The gameplan is to put people on a giant rocket and shoot them out into space to find a habitable planet.

Now, there's some talk of the financing that would need to occur to make this work, and that strikes me as something sort of odd. I suspect that with the world about to blow up, somehow money really wouldn't be a huge focus. I suspect some folks would try to do the right thing and do everything they could to assist the space ark to give humanity one tiny chance at survival, and a whole lotta other people would go berserk and do a lot of really despicable junk. Because the movie takes place in the 1950's, everyone stands around in suits and talks things through with a lot of product in their hair.

Saturday Jamie went with Carla to a dance class somewhere. I believe they did a lot of arm swinging and hopping, but I'm not sure. All I know is that Jason and I headed to Gus Frugh and floated with Mel and Cassidy (Lucy has an ear infection, so no swimming for her). It was really nice out, and the $10 floating fisherman's hat I recently picked up at Academy worked like a charm. Plus, I could throw it and Mel would retrieve it out of the water.

Late Saturday we saw "Superbad", which was better than I expected. I don't recommend it for the parents, but I thought it was funny, and the story was a good "one night in the life of high schoolers" first spawned with American Graffiti. While as raunchy in its way was "American Pie", the characters feel far more believable than the Tommy Hilfiger models of American Pie (that Apatow touch of casting believable looking actors) as well as not dumping too many over the top stereotypes on the audience (ie: No Stifler, no sexy foreign exchange students).

Today I was worthless. We ran some errands and ate lunch at the charming French stereotype, La Madeline over in Brodie. I don't really get la Madeline. It's incredibly complicated just ordering your food, and then it's kind of expensive for what you get. And, of course, where there was a field a few weeks ago, you're now in a rustic French cafe. Manned by surly high schoolers who take an insane amount of time putting together a cup of French Onion soup. Seriously. Speed it up.

I came home from errands and promptly fell asllep on the couch for over an hour, got up and FINALLY got to the task at hand (which I had planned to do all weekend), and began sorting comics from my downstairs bins in order to bag and board them for entry into and then filing in a long box.

This, sadly, was the task which was why I asked Steven and Lauren to meet us for dinner Tuesday rather than this evening. I'm a sad, sad dorky man.

Speaking of:

Thursday at work we were working on a course which features a "wizard" who guides learners through a lesson. A media developer, who is a long-time acquaintance of mine, said, "Ryan, you know the difference between a wizard and a sorcerer, right?"
"Man, I don't know." I paused and considered the question. "Why," I finally asked, "do you think I know that?"
"Because you're the dorkmeister."

I am the dorkmeister. Even at work.

I actually brought it up again Friday, and Pat was able to explain that my dorkiness falls into very specific areas, and that my dorkiness doesn't spread to area involving wizards and warlocks. Actually, it kinda/sorta does, but Dungeons and Dragons was long, long ago.

I then found myself talking about how cool Nova is in front of this guy later, and I realized that my reputation is all too well earned.


Michael Corley said...

I can't believe someone would say that to you at work.

Don't they KNOW that a wizard is direct damage and area effect spells, and a sorcerer is more focused on illusion and sensory type magic?


Anonymous said...

I don't think your co-worker's Dork credentials are too shabby either. Seriously, dorkmeister ?

Who talks like that ?

Your response should've been "The difference between a wizard and a sorcerer is I wore the wizards hat when I had sex with your mom, and I wore the sorcerers cloak when I had sex with your sister. Now go get me some coffee before I Chuck Norris your ass for using the phrase Dorkmeister."

Nothing backs off a coworker like an oddly timed and highly offensive mom reference.

The League said...

It is dificult to convey the tone of wise-assed irony with which the phrase "dorkmeister" was bandied about. It was, in fact, meant with a sense of good humor behind it as I've known this guy on and off for years.

I spologize if I failed to convey that sentiment.

And, you know, telling someone you had sex with their mom doesn't usually fly as an appropriate response at the office, anonymous. At least not at this job.

J.S. said...

You spologize? Spology axxepted.