Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks to Steven and Lauren for joining us this evening for dinner. I still need a mint.

Anyway, looks like we may be teaming up to watch the first game of the UT season. Any and all Leaguers are welcome to join us at League HQ for kick-off on September 1st at 6:00 PM. Well, come before that.

We won't provide dinner, but we will provide TV, chips and a maybe a six-pack of beer.

I shall wax rhapsodic upon the arrival of football season soon.

What else?

Oh, I watched this really depressing episode of Nova about Typhoid Mary.

It was an interesting look at the social conditions, class warfare, living conditions and emergence of science in America as a force which could now touch and greatly change people's lives in ways we're still struggling with today. In short, how much liberty DO you have to give up when suddenly confronted with the knowledge that you're a carrier for a disease? Is getting a disease a crime?

Anyhow, there were some re-enactments, which were brief enough that they didn't seem to repaint the picture, and which did a bit more for illustrating the points than a graying talking head re-telling the events. Plus, for some reason, they had Anthony Bourdain as one of the experts. Very odd.

Also did some comic blogging, but most of you guys arent dorky enough to read that, anyway.


Steven said...

Oddly enough, back when we had that "TV service" thing we saw that selfsame episode of Nova, with a firey non-specific Irishwoman playing Mary Mallon.

The economic realities that drove her to keep cooking against Knickerbocker distaste for her station were most compelling.

( and of course dinner was excellent )

We watched "Black Snake Moan". Ehhhh. Yeah.

The League said...

I do wonder how uncomfortable the movie made you given that Lauren keeps you on a lengthy piece of chain.