Monday, January 28, 2008

Everyone Wish Mel Well

Mel is going off to have his surgery tomorrow morning. Jamie, being the good person she is, is getting in the car and driving him up to Round Rock at 6:45 in the morning.

I am convinced Mel will come through with flying colors. He has had a few surgeries before before, and he has always done well. There's also an 85% chance this will get rid of the problem altogether. So, you know, I think he's going to be fine.

The poor guy is going to have to wear one of this big, plastic cones for a while. I think he wore one for a short time quite a few years back, but I am anticipating he's going to be really, really unhappy for the duration. On the plus side, he will get to eat soft food for a few weeks, which he's not been able to do before. Hopefully he'll think he's getting a treat every meal for a while.

The worst thing for both Mel and Lucy will be that, because Mel's surgery is in his mouth, we're going to have to hide all the toys for a while. Mel and Lucy both love their toys, and associate them with playing and being good dogs. In fact, whenever you come back from even a run to Taco Cabana, Mel runs around with a toy in his mouth and cries. At night he walks around with a nylon bone in his mouth like a cigar, or one of his vaguely people-shaped toys that he moves from place to place around the downstairs.

Anyway, no toys for the dogs for a few weeks. And while some small aprt of me is looking forward to not having the clutter, I know that the dogs are going to be deeply unhappy without anything to play with.

So everyone wish Mel well. We'll give a report again tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Please let me know if Jamie and Mel would benefit from some company! It would be my pleasure to wait at the facility in Round Rock while Mel is in surgery. Most people are rushing off to work in the early a.m., so I my time would be best spent doing what I can... I can be reached at 512-461-5313 anytime.

The League said...

Thank you so much for your offer. (See, it is good to have friends).

Unfortunately, Jamie toddled off to bed some time ago, and I think the gameplan is to just drop Mel off at the vet. We aren't picking mel up until Wednesday, so I don't think we're expecting for Jamie to stay through the surgery.

Jill said...

I'm sending good thoughts to Mel (and y'all and Lucy) today!

mcsteans said...

Thanks so much for the offer Lauren! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately :) they don't let folks hang around at the clinic or visit the pooches so I won't be back up there again till I pick Mel up. A very nice offer, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing Mel a successful surgery, speedy recovery, and hopefully an end to his cancer.

- Reed, Jen, and Meredith

J.S. said...

Good luck on your surgery and a speedy recovery, Mel! I'm sure you'll be back on your sofa and enjoying Jamie hugs in no time. As a show of support for Mel, I think Jamie and Ryan should also wear Elizabethan collars for the duration of Mel's recovery.

The League said...

I have health restrictions that prevent me from wearing one, but we'll fit Jamie with one this evening.

Anonymous said...

Mel! Get well!