Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mel looks like 10 Miles of Bad Road

Ho boy.

Well, the left half of Mel's face is shaved, as well as the left side of his neck, and some spots around his legs. His face is pretty badly bruised from the surgery, and his eye is sort of blackened, if a dog can get a black eye.

Jamie's got him pretty well tranq'd up, so he's resting, and seems perhaps... too happy when he does wake up. He has to eat tiny little scoops of his dog food which Jamie has turned into meatballs.

I know in a few days he'll be getting back to normal in spirits, but for now he looks a bit like Batman-villain Two Face.

Also, the cone... I have to put the cone on him again. Which I'm not looking forward to. But he should really wear it tonight.

It looks like the surgery went well. Jamie's doing a great job if taking care of Mel.

he just twitched in his sleep and kicked me in the butt.

Anyhow, he's doing okay. He just looks like a dog that just had serious surgery.


J.S. said...

Well, let's all wish Mel a speedy recovery. I hope he doesn't get hooked on pain pills like Brett Favre.

The League said...

If those pain pills can make Mel half the fetcher of balls that it made Brett a QB, then he can have as many pain pills as he likes.

J.S. said...

Yeah, when Jamie told me last night that she was making meatballs with pain pills in them for Mel, it crossed my mind that she could probably open a streetcorner stand and sell those here in Austin and do pretty well for herself...

The League said...

Right next to the cupcake stand on SoCo.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Instead of selling 8-Balls like her competition, she can sell Oxy(contin)-Alpo balls. Innovative.

But seriously, I am glad Mel is home and recovering.

All the best,

T.S.T. said...

Get well, Mel!

Michael Corley said...

Let's hope he recoveres stronger, more willing to help others, instead of turning his surgery into an exscuse to turn evil and decimate the universe.

In which case, we are all doomed.