Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Look at Cloverfield Monster

hey, if you're like me and saw Cloverfield, you probably wanted a better look at the Monster. This is, I think, official, and not a fan rendering. Anyway, no big surprises, but it's cool to see it in detail instead of through shaky-cam.


J.S. said...

You have made a heel of me, sir, and your insult cannot go unaddressed. Pistols at dawn? (or maybe at 9:30 or 10:00... I'm really not a morning person)

Anonymous said...

That's it ? All you have to do is cross the streams on your proton pacs and that bitch is toast.

That movie should have been like 10minutes long. Next.

The League said...

Actually, Peabo, when Cloverfield hits DVD, you need to rent it. I think you'd dig it.

Michael Corley said...

Gooey evil is the worst kind.