Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nothing to post

Well, Heath Ledger died. That's something to post, but I'll be honest. I never saw the knight movie, or the cowboy movie, so... I'm honestly not sure I've ever seen anything the guy ever did. Mostly I keep wondering how much the media is going to ghoulishly dwell on his death during the release of The Dark Knight.

Fred Thompson dropped out of the presidential race. I had no plans to vote for Thompson, really. I wasn't against the guy, but he wasn't even really very high on my list of candidates to research. I recall his time in the Senate during the late-90s, as he was in the paper a lot, but I don't even remember why.

They made announcements of Oscar noms for last year. But I don't care. I do want to see "There Will be Blood". No idea if they'll have the Oscars on, and since I don't watch, anyway, doesn't really bug me. Makes room for more American Gladiators.

Watched the second two episodes of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles last night. I am still hopeful, and I think the show is going to make it into my rotation. But... I am deeply afraid the show will become the adventures of a killer robot as she navigates the hallways of public high school. What's amazing is that I just typed that sentence and didn't get totally excited by the idea. That can't be good.

Apparently Clinton and Obama are dusting it up in the debates. Bleh.

Oh, and the economy is going to hell. Awesome. I am guessing we'll get a little closer to the Thunderdome lifestyle I've often aspired to.

I dunno. I got nothing tonight.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of a "Young Kal-El Chronicles" series? You could show things going to shit on the planet, infighting w/ the politicians, Zod getting all uppity, etc.

It would be like "Rome" but with more jumpsuits.

The League said...

Well, I think people would find that confusing as Young Kal-El was Clark Kent and living in Smallville.

A "Young Jor-El Chronicles" might be interesting. I'm not sure entirely what's been covered in the new novel "Last Days of Krypton", or in all of the various "World of Krypton" series from DC.

J.S. said...

When you can't think of anything to write on your blog, that's because God wants you to be playing your bass, instead.

The League said...

Part of the problem about the blogging is that I was really tired after playing my bass for a while.

12 bar blues! whoo!