Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Hey, Leaguers!

Not much to report about my New Year's Day Eve. Below you can read the fruits of my labor regarding a comic end of year commentary. Most of you don't read comics, and thusly will not care.

In the afternoon Lucy and I met Jason and Cassidy at the dog park off Riverside. We thought about maybe going to Austin's First Night festival, but decided that it would be easier, and maybe it would just be better to wrap up 2007 in the same mellow spirit I tried to deal with the year. Just playing with dogs seemed like a good idea.

Jamie and I met Matt and Nicole for dinner at Thai Tara, a place we'd been before. The food was still good, but clearly they weren't ready to deal with a New Year's Eve crowd. The service was unforgivably awful.

We then went to Jason's to ring in the New Year. And I got a smooch from Jamie.

And, if I may, a $4 bottle of spumante is exactly as bad as you think it might be. Not even funny bad. It's just... bad. Jason called it when he said "I'm not starting off 2008 with the cheapest champagne money can buy." He is wise, he is.

I want to wish all Leaguers a Happy New Year. Health, happiness and all the best to you and yours in 2008.

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Steven said...

I think their service is uniformly pretty poor. We went once on a Friday night at about 9:30 and we stood in the entry lobby for 5 minutes. Wait staff saw us, people came in after us, it wasn't like 5 minutes to close....

Eye contact made – just ignored us. We walked out and ate at Hutt's instead.

Even that time Our Great Houses of the Landsraad met there there were about 8 other humans in the place and I can't say service met Mr. Pink's standards.