Friday, January 04, 2008

Hey, fever!

Everyone is sick. Not just Jamie and me and Nicole. EVERYONE. People from my office were either at home or going home to be sick. I feel funky, and not in the James Brown approved manner. Jamie feels bad. Nicole wasn't doing great. Jason is usually so full of allergies, he didn't really notice anything different.

Jamie is in full-blown denial regarding her allergies and is insisting she's got a cold, which is possible, but it seems odd that she has exactly the same reaction to the spores in the air as the rest of us, but hers are coming from another source.

My eyes have honestly felt sort of weird for three days, and yesterday I took something called Alavert. Which made me feel better, but which made me have the attention span of a hamster on crack. It was impossible for me to focus for more then five minutes at a time yesterday.

It would be great if we'd get some rain and wash some of the stuff in the air away, but forecasts aren't really calling for any of that.


mcsteans said...

You're probably about it being allergies. I'm just not that familiar with them.

Steven said...

We've had the thing bouncing back and forth. I was sick as we landed in CA, Lauren was fine. We got back, she got sick. I got allergic. It's been an unfortunate round for everyone health-wise.

Call me when yr better :)