Monday, February 11, 2008

An apology to Peabo

Firstly, I gotta apologize to Peabo. I completely misunderstood what had happened with Herbie Hancock and believed he'd won for some sub-category, not album of the
year. I now understand the dismay a bit more. But I find the selection by the Academy to be fascinating.

I've dismissed the Grammies as little more than an acknowledgment of what Billboard has told us through record sales. Some vanilla pop would always win, stuff that had sold lots of records and usually had little to no artistic merit. It wasn't enough that Milli Vanilli had their award taken away. After all, someone had voted that their album was the best of the year to begin with. What group of right thinking people would come to that plurality opinion to begin with?

It seems that rather than further dig the music industry further into a hole, and further cementing the reputation of the Grammies as useless, could the music industry have made a decision to actually vote for something other than popular pop? I don't know, I haven't heard the album. But... it certainly makes me raise an eyebrow. If you want an analogy, it seems as if they went from voting for "Transformers" for best picture and maybe went for a "There Will be Blood".

I can't claim to be the huge fan of Hancock that JAL, Jason and Nathan are, but it's exciting to see him recognized for his work on such a big stage.


At last I feel free of the yolk of the whole DITMTLOD thing for a day or two. Jamie assures me she's putting together her own list. What is the acronym, then? DITMJOD (Dudes in the Media Jamie Once Dug)? I don't know.


The weekend came and went too fast. These things happen.

Friday we stayed in, watched Jurassic Park for some reason, and I noted that so much of what seemed forward thinking in 1993 now seems like relics of a bygone era. Children declaring "This is a Unix system! I know this!" and then flying around through a high-end CGI interface when most people still didn't know what a folder was in Windows 3.1. Declaring that something being expensive must equal the cost of the item (light = plastic and cheap). Ignorance of chaos theory, and, of course, supposedly top paleontologists loudly declaring concepts that were then widely held in the paleontological community, and which have now been fully integrated into the zeitgeist.

We all know, in 2008, that some dinosaurs became birds.

Saturday we cleaned. It takes a serious amount of time to clean my shelves, and if you've been to League HQ, you know of what I speak.

We caught up with CB and David at the Alamo for a showing of Sweeney Todd. I actually liked the movie quite a bit. There was the definite feel of the underlying architecture of the stage musical beneath the whole thing. Young lovers, dramatic irony, a despicable villain or two... I'm not terribly familiar with Sondheim, and I have only vague recollections of CB and I viewing a portion of a PBS presentation of Sweeney Todd from back when we were in college.

If nothing else, being a bit of Burton nut back around when he did Ed Wood and Mars Attacks!, I recall that Burton had wanted to do Sweeney Todd back then. Part of me is very glad he waited until he had the cast he needed (Bonham Carter and Depp are great. Rickman is typically terrific), and the maturity to pull it off without getting precious about the whole business.

We were scheduled to come back to League HQ for some dessert, and were maybe twenty feet inside the door when Mel sneezed, somehow blowing his drainage tube free from his mouth. I have no idea how he pulled that off, but it was kind of sad... just hanging from his mouth, inside the dog-safety-cone he'd been wearing.

The eVet clipped the tube free, and Mel is fine. It was just typically weird stuff that seems to happen with us and our pets.

Anyway, Mel is doing better. No cone.

Yesterday Mel took it easy and I took Lucy to the dog park for a game of fetch. She had a lot of fun, but couldn't outrun this one red dog. I'd never actually seen that before. It was kind of funny.

Anyhow, back to work now.

Hope you had a good weekend.


J.S. said...

I am intrigued and look forward to the DITMJOD list with feverish curiosity. (will a young Kirk Cameron make the list?!?! Who can say?)

Michael Corley said...

It would be deeply satisfying to see a garage band won a Grammy, would it not? I think a comedian covered that scenario.

The main thing Jurrasic did for the world was make raptors cool. Before that, did anyone even know they exist? It was the Pulp Fiction for the Samuel Jackson/John Travolta's of the Raptor world.

Anonymous said...

I mostly disliked Sweeney Todd.

Most of the characters were despicable, and the ones that weren't (Joanna and her suitor) were weak characters. Not that there's anything wrong with bad guys as protagonists, but I found no charm in them. Even Travis Bickle, Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and others of their ilk had some kind of magnetism. Sweeney Todd was upset about being locked up, sure, but couldn't get on his side.

I know Burton was also trying to depict the squalor of London and everything, but my eyes got tired of the grayish-blue hues that swamped the entire movie.

The sound mix in the theater I saw it in was bad, too -- or maybe that's the way the film sounded? Was the orchestra too loud at some points? Did you miss some of the lines? I did.

I asked myself if I might enjoy this better on stage, though, and I believe I would.