Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dudes in the Media Jamie Once Dug

Never let it be said that The League is not one to let the scales of fairness tip back into balance. If I can get an opportunity to pontificate upon dames in the media I once dug, should Jamie not receive the same opportunity?

Jamie's turned on the Way-Back Machine and identified several specimens whom she once dug.

Hi everyone - Jamie here. Steanso mentioned in the comments section recently that he was interested in finding out who were the Dudes the in media Mrs. League once Dug. This is not a complete list and I honestly had a hard time remembering who I fancied back in the day, but I gave it a shot. Here goes.

1. Bruce Willis - Moonlighting

Bruce Willis' finest role in my opinion will always be David Addison in Moonlighting. Moonlighting was my favorite show when I was 12. That is of course before they ruined it with a baby, but that is neither here nor there in regards to this list. I hadn't seen anything like it before - they did theme episodes, story arcs, and would randomly break the 4th wall and talk to the camera. I think David Addison was my first real media crush. He was cute, hilarious, and a total smart ass. At the age of 12 all of these things added up to the ideal imaginary boyfriend.

Pre-Hudson Hawk.

2. George Michael

So what if he plays for the other team. We didn't know that back then and even if we had so what. Boy did we love the Faith video, though, right up until Dana Carvey ruined it for me on SNL.

Butt maintenance is very important.

3. Greg Louganis (this counts, right? - the Olympics were on the TeeVee)

I know he's more of a sports figure and again - plays for the other team, but boy did we think he was super-fine when we were watching the 88 Olympics! Does anyone else remember when he smacked his head on the diving board on one of his dives? For some reason I remembered this as having been way more dramatic than it actually was. In my memory, he was on one of the high platforms and was knocked unconscious and had a concussion and it was oh so thrilling. When I watched it on YouTube just now? It was a springboard and he climbed out of the pool himself. Not so impressive.


4. Kyle MacLaughlin in Twin Peaks

"Damn fine coffee. And hot!" Indeed, Special Agent, Dale Cooper. Kyle MacLaughlin had to deal with some crazy crap in Twin Peaks and he did it all while maintaining his perfectly coifed 'do. I was in high school during Twin Peaks entire run and never missed an episode, even if I had to tape it on my prehistoric Video Casette Recorder. The show was fantastic (1st season), and it was a bonus that Kyle and his jawline were in every episode.

Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.

5. Rob Morrow on Northern Exposure

I'm a bit embarassed about this one, but if we're being honest, yes, I had a crush on Rob Morrow. Don't know if I just bought the whole cute fish out of water scenario more than I should have, but I thought his bundled up New York doctor stranded in Cicely, Alaska was adorable. There, I said it.

I will be cute for approximately 14 more months.

6. Blur

I already mentioned the rockin British foursome in the comment section, but they played such a large part of my college music collection that I felt they deserved a second mention. In the mid 90s I believe there was some sort of rock- n-roll feuding going on between these gents and Oasis (albeit rather half-hearted on Blur's part). So silly. In addition to being dreamy, they made groovy tunes, and should you be interested I can recommend some albums. They are way better than their radio hit "Song 2" would lead you to believe.

Pleased to meet you

7. David Duchovny on X-Files

"They call me Spooky". League viewing of the X-Files was not fueled solely by the League's fascination with Gillian Anderson. Duchovny had his own following among nerdy ladies such as myself. I tried to continue watching X-Files upon Duchovny's departure, but it was never the same without 'Spooky's' deadpan delivery.

When I panic, I make this face.

8. Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show

Curiously the same movie which buried for good my silly high school Rob Morrow crush, Quiz Show reintroduced me to one of the best actors of his time, Ralph Fiennes. Yeah... that's what I took away from the movie - his acting...really... Okay, have you SEEN Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show? He smiles a lot. Sigh.

More personable here than in Schindler's List.

9. Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge

I already knew Ewan McGregor was a looker pre-Moulin Rouge, but then he wore a tuxedo and sang to me. Shhhh!!! He wasn't singing to Nicole Kidman, he was singing to me! Swoon.


10. Hobbits - Lord of the Rings movies

What? Shut up!! Hey, at least I didn't say Orlando Bloom. Who looks like a girl.

4-Pack of cute Hobbits.

Well, that's it for Jamie's post. And, hey, it keeps me from having to do any real work for a Sunday night post.

Hope you enjoyed the equal time from Jamie.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure Ewan was singing to ME.

(I listen to that soundtrack at least once a week. "Come What May" makes my heart melt.)

Anonymous said...

"He was cute, hilarious, and a total smart ass. At the age of 12 all of these things added up to the ideal imaginary boyfriend."

If only this were true for all women, I would have cleaned up in
7th grade.

Unless I am overrating my own cuteness, which I daresay is impossible.


Unknown said...

I too fancy Blur, Duchovny, and McGregor. I'm quite fond of the unassuming "No Distance Left to Run." Duchovny is an easy favorite. There's really no characteristic more attractive or sexy than hope, other than integrity, and Mulder (and Scully alike) has both. McGregor's a doll. He appears as an affable, easy-going guy with few masculine hang-ups. Instead of giving pithy comments about his schlong, he just puts it out there caring little about his status as a male, and more about his status as McGregor.

J.S. said...

Of all the men listed, I think The League bears the closest resemblance to George Michael... including his nice butt and the fact that he plays for the other team.

The League said...

Yes, it is curious to determine how I fit into this picture. I bear little physical or personality profile resemblance to any of these people or characters. Especially the Hobbits. That has me at a loss.

Except that I've never turned down second breakfast.

mcsteans said...

Honey, you look just as dashing in a suit as any of these blokes and you ARE cute, hilarious, and a total smart ass.

I don't have the slightest thing in common with Lady Miss Kier and I'm not losing sleep over it.

The League said...

Nonsense. You can also shake your groove thing.

Anonymous said...

Dude, awesome! Although I must say that Ralph (apparently not pronounced "Ralph" at all) was finer in The English Patient, minus those scenes when he was all crispy. The hair was less scary.

Also...two words...Johnny Depp.

mcsteans said...

Kristen, you're not the first person to question my omission of Johnny Depp. Although I do find him handsome and charming, I honestly never watched 21 Jump Street so he wasn't on my radar until about Edward Scissorhands, in which he was playing a weirdo. Maybe he'll make the cut if I do a follow up post - these were just the ones who came to mind first.